Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th March 2023 Written Update: Simar reminiscences the memories of Sandhya


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the secret conversation between Chandni and her mother. Chandni asks the other snakes to leave the place and all the snakes go away from the room. Here, Simar looks back all the memories of Sandhya in front of her photo frame, she remorses as she felt to save her mother. The lack of the presence of Sandhya makes her frustrated and the angst of losing of near one makes her emotionally weak.

She reminiscences how Sandhya took care of her and the whole family. She shares a long monologue to Sandhya regarding the forthcoming danger. She doubts Chandni and her mother and also decides to observe them minutely. Ahead, in the morning, no one finds out Simar in the whole room. They can’t understand where she could do without informing anyone.

In the morning, on the asking of coffee, Chandni proceeds to make the coffee in the kitchen, and also mixes the venom of snake in the coffee cup which will kill Aarav surely. In the dining table, Aarav is offered a hot cup of coffee by Chandi. As soon as Aarav holds the coffee cup to have a sip, Simar throws away the cup in the floor.

When everyone confoundedly asks Simar why did she do that, Simar reminds them it’s important to know the truth after anything from anyone. Then Babaji enters in the Oswaal hall who is welcomed by Badima. Aarav can’t fathom what she wants to do. Simar asks Badima and Aarav to hold their breath for sometime. Babaji keeps staring at Chandni, and starts to play the bin. Simar requests others to step back.

When Babaji starts to play the bin, Chandni is happen to lose all her powerful sense and prepares herself for transforming in a snake. Listening the quirky sound of bin, the mother becomes tensed. Here, seeing her maddened dancing Badima asks Simar what she is doing. Simar affirms if Chandni owns snake’s soul, she couldn’t hold her deception for many times. Here, her mother comes out and pretends to be blind.

Though she decides to stop her, but the situation doesn’t let her anything. When Babaji stops playing, he is requested to play again as she used to enjoy this sound from her childhood. Hearing this out, Babaji leaves the place. Later, Simar asks him about her true identity, but he confirms that Chandni is not a snake. Here, evils smirk as they have winned over Simar.

Simar is asked to stop doubting about Chandni. When she is reluctant to believe the words of Babaji, he adjoins that may be she is another snake. Chandni mocks at the stupidity of Simar. Later, Chandni is asked offer a bowl of milk to a snake who is waiting for her. Having the milk of bowl, the snake is transformed in a human being. Here, Simar is asked to organise another hawan for searching the complete truth.

Babaji starts the hawan and Simar waits for the climax. Chandni angrily shares the hatred about Simar to her sister and asks her also to come tomorrow. The snake leaves after hearing the words of Chandni. Babaji alerted Simar about ichhadhari nagin and her tremendous power. Simar promises she would protect her family. She doesn’t stop doubting Chandni. Simar says that tomorrow, the day of full moon will bring another danger to their home. But she hopes that good days will come. Badima and Simar both regret the losing of Sandhya.

Episode ends.

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