Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th November 2022 Written Update: A unknown lady arrives in Simar’s house


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Simar and other ladies of the house trying to convince the male members, to watch the India’s match in the home. Male members tries to point out that they will miss the stadium ambiance, environment but Badima declines all the opinions and supports Simar. Badima says that they all will watch the match together at home. Then the voice of the statue calls Araav’s name. But noone can listen to her voice.

Male members gets a surprise from their wives in the hall. Simar and other ladies have organized, snacks, projector screen, vibrant sound system etc.for the match. All the male members look almost convinced but then Giriraj mentions about cheerleaders. Ladies scold them, but then Simar says something into the ear of the other women’s and they leave the hall.
The match starts with a big hit by India, all the ladies arrive the hall in some cozy cheerleader like dresses. They all start enjoying the match together. Ladies start asking some silly questions, but all look happy together.

 Then suddenly a beatiful lady arrives the Oswal’ in a gorgeous red saree with excellent jewelries  but she has a scar on her left lower cheek. As she keeps entering the house, she starts destroying all the flower vases in her way. She passes by a plant and the plant dies instantly. Oswals keeps enjoying the match without knowing about the lady. The lady starts playing her musical instrument and Aarav feels something and leaves the match. India loses the match, everyone looks disappointed but Aarav is not looking bothered at all, about India’s defeat. The lady says that, she is back to complete her love story.

As India loses the match men starts blaming their wives over some silly superstitious beliefs. Women tries to stand their point of pure entertainment but men denies to listen to them. Instead they start asking some question about rules of cricket to their wives. But ladies fail to answer the basic questions. Males starts insulting them and hurting their female emotion. But Simar and Reema points out some very well known female player to beat their male ego.

Episode ends with Simar, challenging a cricket match against male members, but Vivaan starts mocking and mimicking the ladies. Then Badima arrives and she supports the Simar plan.

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