Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th February 2022 Written Update: Simar promises Geetanjali that she will fix everything


Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Raj tells Gajendra that this is wrong people can’t disrespect them like this. He says that they have to stop this. Chitra says that Aditi’s pregnancy will soon come in front of everyone and then she will get a lot of infamy. Raj says that they should kill Gagan. Vivaan says that they should not do these things at this time. While Gajendra says that Gagan will have to die.

Simar gets shocked by this. She tries to convince Gajendra that he should not take such a decision in haste. Gajendra starts leaving from there that Simar closes the door and says that he cannot go from here. He cannot avenge a mistake like this. Gajendra points a gun at her and says that if she does not move in front of him, he will kill her. He starts counting down to three.

But Simar does not move from there. Aarav comes there and opens the door. Gajendra asks him if he is coming with him. He says yes. Simar asks why did he open the door. Aarav says that he is going to give her the responsibility of his house. She has to take care of Geetanjali. Simar understands his point. Aarav promises her that he will not let anything happen to Gagan. he leaves from there.

Here Reema is very nervous. She is going out but Vivaan stops her. Vivaan says that he knows where she is going. But he won’t let her go alone. He too will go with her. They both leave from there. Here Chitra tells Sandhya that she has to take the right decision for Aditi. Simar comes there and says that this decision should be of Aditi. She adds that what Aditi did was wrong but she is also doing wrong.

Chitra tells Simar that if she becomes a mother before marriage, people will not let her live. Sandhya asks them to shut up and leaves from there. She calls Rajendra and tells him that she has urgent work from him. She says that she wants Aditi to undergo surgery. Simar tries to stop them but Sandhya tells her that she doesn’t need to come in between them. She adds that she is Aditi’s mother and knows what is right and what is wrong for Aditi.

Simar tries hard to stop Sandhya but Sandhya does not listen to her. Here Vivaan and Reema come to Gagan. They give jewellery to Vivaan and ask him to run away. Gagan asks them the reason for this. Reema says that she cannot tell him anything right now. But he should leave as soon as possible or else Raj and Gajendra will kill him. Gagan panics. He leaves from there. Reema thanks Vivaan as he helped her.

Simar tells Sandhya that they cannot do this to Aditi. Sandhya ignores her and leaves from there. Simar comes to Geetanjali and says that now only Geetanjali can stop all this. She says that if she wants then she will leave from here for the sake of Aditi and this family’s peace. But please stop all this. Geetanjali says that she has to meet Gagan so that everything will be fine.

Episode Ends.

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