Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th July 2022 Written Update: Vivan gets jealous


Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the confession of Aarav’s love towards Simar. Evils get surprised. They enter in the function together like the perfect partner. Simar forbades him to overreact but Aarav is not ready to understand. Simar explains him to overcome all the problems and anxiety of past.

Riyansh enters with a classy look. Aarav, Simar, Reema and Vivaan show their fabulous performances in the function. Gajendra, Giriraj, Sandhya and Chitra also join them. Maddy and Ishita get jealous of Simar-Aarav couple love and plan to spoil their happiness.

Badima says to Simar to start the mehendi rasam. Simar says to Ishita to begin the mehendi ceremony. But Ishita disagrees to do any mehendi as she hates the idea and smell of mehendi. Ishita says she wants to make permanent dragon tattoo with fire on her body. Simar finds something ominous.

The nasty friends of Riyansh make fun of his love game with Kavya and Ishita. Riyansh mocks the situation of Simar and says she deserves all the insulting. Suddenly Aarav appears. Meanwhile, Badima tries to explain to the importance of the ritual of mehendi. But Ishita says that she wants this dragon tattoo as the trending. Mrs Pallavi also supports Ishita. Badima says she doesn’t allow any more modification of any ritual. Simar interferes in the situation. Ishita insults her. Simar suggests Ishita to do both. Badima appreciates the idea of Simar.

Aarav comes to Riyansh and asks sorry to Simar, but Riyansh says he won’t apologize as Simar was guilty. But Aarav says that Riyansh can’t fool him. He advises Riyansh that marriage is the greatest commitment of life so he should be careful of it.

Simar comes with bowl of mehendi. Meanwhile, Maddy and Ishita conspires against Simar. The assistants of Maddy give Simar a jerk from the behind and the bowl of mehendi fells out of her hand. Aarav comes to hold Simar. Somehow, Simar throughs a banana leaf on the floor and manages to catch the sagun ki mehendi on it.

Badima appreciates Simar as the rakshakabaj of Oswaal family. Simar starts mehendi on the hand of Ishita with Riyansh’s name. But Ishita says she wants mehendi from professional.

Rudra comes from behind while she was capturing selfies. Rudra forbades her to take selfies as Rudra offers to take photo by professional photographers and would feature on his magazine. Being overwhelmed, Reema tries to hug her. Both get embarrassed. As photographers and Rudra closely click the photos of Reema, some guests start to gossip about her. Vivan hears and asks to participate in the family ritual. But again they start argue. Reema says she loves to stay in front of camera. Vivan gets upset with the behaviour of Reema and he goes. They start again.

Indubala comes to Simar and stands beside her solitude. They discusses about Ishita’s misbehavior. Indubala goes. Vivaan comes and says that he feels here like a stranger. Simar asks the reason. Simar tries the explain the importance of the relation. Vivan asks Simar whether he is jealous or not. Simar explains the positive role of jealousy of in a relationship. Simar prays for Ishita and Riyansh for the future.
Episode ends.

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