Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th July 2022 Written Update: Simar accepts the dance challenge


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Riyansh’s signing on the agreemental documents. Mr pallavi asks the significance of those documents. Mr Kapoor says this document is for future, if there some dispute would occur, there will be no controversy as every terms of property are written here. Riyansh says this document will not be needed as they will never separate. Mr Kapoor forbades Riyansh to tell this issue to Oswaal family. Riyansh says he won’t say to anyone. Mrs Kapoor is asked to keep the document safely. Suddenly Chitra summons Mrs Pallavi to watch the dance. Mistakenly, she will throw away the document in the floor.

Riyansh and Ishita start to dance in a hotty and sensual manner. Badima becomes embarrassed. Badima says this is not our culture. Chitra says this is very common in modern culture. Badima admits that this not culture, it’s mischievousness. Badima goes another side of the function. Ishita dances in a very naughty manner. Reema comments that this is beyond the expectations. Suddenly Ishita takes off her long dress, and continue to dance in a short skirt. Everyone gets embarrassed.

Elders get awkward. Simar runs with a saree and covers her. Ishita gets angry and yells at her. Simar says it was needed. Ishita says it’s her wedding, she would choose how to handle this. Aarav interferes and reminds that Ishita is talking to an elder. Sandhya and Simar again explain Ishita, that this culture is not their tradition, and this is not the right occasion to put on this kind of deta. Chitra comes and says still she is alive as her mother in law, she will teach her everything in the right time.

She asks Simar to mind her own business and keep those middle class tradition to herself. Simar tries to tell something. But Ishita says Simar again spoil all the happy moments. Aarav is asked to keep Simar’s mouth shut. Ishita says that’s why she forbades Simar to come her. Gajendra and Aditi support Simar. Reema also support Simar, and tells Ishita to maintain the decorum or the occasion. Ishita says there is no similarity of class between Ishita and Simar. Simar is lower in everything. Reema says Simar is best in everything.

Maddy proposes for a dance competition. Reema accepts the challenge Ishita says if she win, Simar will seek forgiveness in front everyone. Badima comes and gives the permission. She says Reema and Simar to show potentiality of Oswaal family. Gagan forbades Aditi to join the dance competition, but Aditi tries to normalise the  pregnancy. Aditi is not ready to Gagan and rebukes him for his over protectiveness.

Dance competition starts. Everyone start to dance. Aarav, Simar,  Reema and Vivaan start to dance collaboratively. Everyone dances their best. Badima goes aside to receive the call, suddenly she sees the agreement paper. She reads the terms and conditions and gets awestruck. Kapoor couple comes and tries to manage the things. But Badima gets angry and says to Kapoor family that now she understands their motive behind the marriage. Badima tear off the agreement paper. Simar starts to run towards Badima, but suddenly Aditi looses her balance and falls down. Simar somehow catches her. But Aditi looses her sense. Everyone runs towards her. Everyone is anxious regarding her situation.

Badima says how this is happened. Simar says someone has scattered few balls of glass in the dance floor. Badima gets angry to Kapoor family. Aditi is taken to the hospital and Simar is asked to stay in home.

Doctor says, that both baby and mother are okay. But Gagan can’t keep  his mouth shut and yells at doctor to check up carefully. Aditi calls him closely and says to give the update to the baby. Indu forbades Gagan to disturb her. Badima and Sandhya appreciate the carefullssness of indu. Badima asks everyone to come home quickly. Ishita and Maddy remorse about the failed plan. Suddenly Simar comes there and overhears them.

Episode ends.

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