Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th September 2022 Written Update: Reema is caught red-handed


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the threating of Mayakshi to Chaya. Mayakshi asks her to leave the Reema’s body, but Reema is not ready to leave this loving family and relationship getting after hundred years. She is not willing to depart all these affectionate members. But Mayakshi reminds that she will be in danger if Rudra comes to know that. Reema says that she has been enslaved her for Rudra for a hundred years. She prays to let her live as normal live with love and affectionate. She is immensely hungry for that. Mayakshi reminds her how she will be in this house when this auspicious things will happen and even what will happen,when Reema will get alive. Chaya starts to feel uneasy and loses her sense. Chaya comes out of the body from Mayakshi and requests to Mayakshi to let her live as the wife of Vivaan with folded hands.

Being involved in the family, she fears to leave this piece of love. She mentions the love of Vivaan and Simar towards Reema. Chaya also repents that that she didn’t obtain any love from Rudra as Vivaan. Rudra always forces her for slavery which is not called as love. Pure love is equal to freedom which is achieved by both Reema and Vivaan. She suffers from the lack of love, and prays for living somedays being Reema’s body being. Mayakshi agrees to do that but she asks some favours. She provokes that she will even manage Rudra but Chaya have to kill Simar. Chaya gets shocked. But Mayakshi washes her head with some fearful consequences. She defines Simar as a clever and cunning woman who will leave Chaya when she comes to know the truth. Simar will ruin her dream.

Suddenly Simar calls Reema from outside. Chaya gets stucked in dilemma. Mayakshi announces Chaya that if she wants to live, Simar has to be finished. The death of Simar will give a new to Chaya, otherwise she will be very near of her own destruction. Simar opens the door with a plate of blessings ingredients. She sees that Reema looks pale and down sitting on a couch. Reema is asked to take the blessing of Aarati. Reema takes the blessing. She is asked to take some rest. Simar sees that Reema has been suffering from high fever. Chaya, from a hidden place, decides that she will not let Reema tell anything to Simar. It’s the last chance of your making love, after that she will not leave the body of Reema.

Reema expresses that her brain is not working, she is not filling weird. She advices her to get fresh and get interact with others. After leaving the room to call the doctor, again Chhaya enters into Chhaya. Taking a knife, she tries to stab on the back of Simar. Suddenly Aarav comes and stops her. Aarav and Simar becomes confused. Reema excuses that Rudra has come to harm Simar, so she took the knife and went to kill Rudra in terms of saving Simar. She pretends to be innocent and emphasizes to belive her. Simar and Aarav both say that there were no one in the room except them.
Simar pacifies her and feels agitated for Reema. Simar asks Reema whether she is with her or not. Reema nodes and is hugged tightly by Simar.

Aarav explains Simar why Reema is not okay and advices her not be stressed. Reema’s senses are triggered off for the supernatural experiences. She will be okay soon. Arab wants to make Simar smiling, so he asks Simar to close her eyes, gifts her a locket of Matarani. Simar looks so happy and blessed, she asks Aarav to put it around her neck. Aarav asks the blessing for Simar from matarani and they both look peaceful.

Chitra comes in a dark forest to meet Mayakshi. Mayakshi who asks her to come, comes infront of her. Chitra asks her why did she call her. Chitra says she has followed everything which were said by Mayakshi. Mayakshi asked Chitra for Reyansh’s apology, Reema’s reappearence. Chitra shouts at her for her own confusion. She blames Mayakshi for destroying the future of her two sons. She wants to cancel all the settled deals. She won’t allow Reema anyhow. Mayakshi orders her to follow all the words. Chitra mocks her, but Mayakshi puts the black magic on the car of Chitra. The car doesn’t work anymore and she gets scared. She can’t even close the door. Mayakshi says it won’t work without her permission. Meanwhile Riyansh won’t find Chitra anywhere. Reema enters in the kitchen and starts to engulf all the foods. She looks hunger for anything. Suddenly Simar comes and shocked to see Reema.
Episode ends.

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