Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st August 2022 Written Update: Ishita mixes some poisonous plant in the food


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the advent of Reema and Vivaan in the Oswaal family. Vivan says his fear about losing her. Simar confirms that Reema also loves him very much. Vivan blames to the driver as he wrongly informed him. Simar says to Reema to be conscious more about the love of Vivaan.

She reminds Reema how lucky to have a husband like Vivaan. Suddenly Rudra messeges her as he will wait for her. Simar says not to say anything true to the members as everybody is now tensed. To put a smile on Reema’s face, Simar cuddles her, Reema starts to giggle.

Sandhya says to Simar to cook something for Aditi as she continues to consume more pickles. Aditi asks Simar to make something special chatpota for her. Chitra and Ishita seems they’re doing something critical for Simar. Aarav and Vivaan makes fun of Riyansh’s irresponsibility. They informs Riyansh about the joining office when Riyansh was going out for party. Chitra overhears them and looks satisfied to hear the news.

Ishita comes in the kitchen with a sharp knife and scares Simar. Ishita acts to be innocent. She wants to be an ideal Bahu according to Simar’s wishes. Whatever she did, all those were the mistakes of her. Ishita is reminded about her previous behaviour of futuristic disposition. Simar says she doesn’t believe her.

Ishita continuously nags to do some kitchen work. Chitra and Sandhya comes in the kitchen and Chitra appreciates Ishita’s effort for her first rasui. Ishita holds her ears to apologize. Simar gives her a chance and says the ritual of first rasui. Chitra and Simar decide to make poha. Chitra and Sandhya leaves the kichen after giving the best wishes.

Ishita reminds what they planned together. Chitra told her as to put some jamal ghota or a poisonous plant in the food of Aaditi’s food to make a chaos. She wants to blame Simar for all these mistakes. Ishita shows her false nervousness and Simar confirms that if food tastes good, Ishita may credit herself. Ishita mixes some jamal ghota in the cutting onions in the absence of Simar.

But suddenly Simar comes and says those onions are cut in a big pieces, she will do it by herself. Reema is vexed to think the all the incidents. Vivaan gives him the medicine of the headache. Vivan lights the hope of fulfilling her dreams to console Reema. Suddenly they are called for joining the first rasui. After leaving vivaan, Reema becomes anxious how she would deal with her career.

Badima comes and asks what’s going on. Aditi and Simar somehow manage the situation. Badima disagrees to have the foods, but Simar insists her. Ishita informs that every food is cooked by Simar, she just helped a little. Ishita gives a long lecture on the traditional customs of a family, which were jotted down on her hands. But suddenly she misread something and speaks something wrong.

Everyone smiles. Reema pokes about the cazed life of daughter in law. Ishita and Simar start to serve the food. Aditi is about to take the food, Badima asks everyone to pray. Suddenly Kappor family comes and joins the lunch. But Ishita forbids them. Simar asks Ishita about the reason.
Episode ends .

Episode starts with the disappointment of Vivaan. They go to visit another gate of airport. Gajendra and Geetanjali discuss about the business and new business deal. Ishita and Chitra conspire about the future plan against Geetanjali. Ishita tries to find some weakness of Badima. Suddenly Aditi and Gagan come. He complains against the Aditi’s immaturity as she used consume a great amount of pickles. Aditi is forbidden to take more pickles. Sandhya offers to Aditi some delicious food, cooked by Simar. Ishita says she found the weakness. Chitra forbids her but Ishita assures that baby and mother will be safe. She will create a drama.

Aarav, Simar and Vivan are prohibited by the airport police. Simar requests the police but they are not given the permission. Suddenly Simar winks to Aarav and Aarav starts to pretend sick. He acts as if he is losing his sense. Simarand Vivan yell at the police officer to summon the doctor. Meanwhile Simar and Vivaan run in the other side of airport to find Reema. Reema is promised about the fulfillment of her dreams by Rudra. Vivan apolizes to Simar for all these turmoils.

Again they start to search Reema. After seeing Simar, Rudra hides Reema from the vision of Simar. Simar asks the guard about the Mumbai passenger, but he says it is already taken off. Again Simar start to hunt Reema. Suddenly Simar listens the voice of Reema as Reema was rebuking a girl. Reema is asked to stop by Simar. Rudra forbids her to look back. But Simar continuously yells her to stop and she holds her hand. Reema is requested by Simar not to go.

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