Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st March 2023 Written Update: Tara marries Aarav forcefully without his consent


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tara’s dream about Aarav. She dreams that she will unite with Aarav very soon. Suddenly Simar runs and hugs Aarav, which makes Tara jealous. Simar makes him reminded their beautiful moments, and promises which took together. She keeps her hand on his chest and stares at his eyes, keeps saying their past golden days, but Aarav can’t remind anything. Aarav then utters the name of Simar which triggers off anger of Tara. As Tara comes to smash the head of Simar, but she stops herself, as it’s their wedding day. She sharply forbids Simar not to be an obstacle in their marriage, otherwise she will kill Simar. But Simar doesn’t resume her voice and protests her words loudly.

Simar asks Tara to lock her in the soil pot and Tara decides to do that, stepping into the trap of Simar. As Simar was instructed to be prisoned in the soil pot which will show her the way of solution. Simar pretends to be nervous, but Tara laughs at her. Tara punishes Simar locking her in her own soil pot. Simar reaches to the soil pot and jumps to the hell, taking the name of matarani. Here, Charulata binds everyone’s hands each other and hangs Badima in air. She threats others members to kill Badima. Everyone becomes shocked and shrills in fear and requests Charulata not to harm them. But Charulata and Masumi stick in their decision. She asks them to tell her the original location of their death.

Charulata confirms the Oswal members that Simar couldn’t return in exchange of anything. Reema recalls the memories of Simar and prays to God to bring her in the home. Meanwhile, Tara arrange the needs for her own marriage. Aarav is asked to sit down beside her. Another ghost priest comes complete the rituals of marriage. Tara says that this Mayalok will soon
Tara waits for that moment, when she will be the most powerful creature. Tara and Aarav exchange the garland with each other and Tara promises herself that they will unite very soon.

Here, when Simar is stopped by a dragon, he loudly stops her and asks about her arrival there. That dragon says nobody could go into this hell, Simar confesses she can do anything following his words. Dragon agrees on a condition that she have to answer hia three questions. Dragon says he will ask three question, if she will give the right answer of his every questions. The first question is which relation doesn’t break, Simar explains that the relationship between wife and husband. The second question is what is the utmost false word, Simar answers death is false, because soul doesn’t die. Third question is what is the most courageous work in this world, Simar explains that saving others is the most courageous thing. Dragon accepts all of her answers and let her go in. He opens the door but again he wants to check her physical brevity, but Simar says she can do that. Simar enters in the hell through the door, where fire is burning everywhere. Simar runs through the destructive power to get her aspirant thing. Seeing the fire, Simar goes to collect it but falls in that river of fire. Again she starts to worship Matarani.
Episode ends.

Precap: When, Tara and Aarav start to move around the circle of fire, Simar goes to collect the fire from the hell, she appears in front of them with some of fire and throws towards Tara which burns out Tara alive.

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