Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2022 Written Update: Simar tries to figure out the presence of the statue


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with the discovering of the original history of the bangle. Simar sees that the bangle belonged to someone Bengali and it was stolen later. In the flashback, it is seen that a lady was beaten up badly suspecting as a thief, but she continued saying that she didn’t steel any steal the bangle, but she was gifted. Meanwhile, a ghostly spirit roams around the entire house in the midst of the night and enters every room. Finding out Aarav in his bed, she pays a special heed to him. After awakening, Simar feels something spooky around her and surprises to see the open door. She is also confounded to see that the dawn has arrived in the horizon. When Simar insists Aarav to wake up, Aarav is not ready open his eyes.

Suddenly Simar notices a payel which is left in the floor of her room by any anonymous lady. In the morning, the guru of Sadhwiji comes to help the Oswaals from the danger. When Badima again utters about the Sadhwiji, the guru confirms that it was not a accident and she was coming to make them careful about the evil. On the asking of Badima, Guru says that this home is not safe, he can feel the terrific environment of the evils and the presence of the negative energy. Something very ominous is going to happen and they have to be prepared for the strom.

Guruji says that something negative has already taken the entry in the home for its own sake and it might kill someone to fulfill its motive. Simar is thunderstrucked to listen the words of guruji. Guruji confirms the news. Badima asks again about the statue for its sinister presence and to drive away from the house. Simar confirms that she tried and runs to interrogate the driver. But the driver makes Simar disappointed as he didn’t notice it.

Here, Gagan doesn’t find Aditi anywhere. He has searched the palace from the morning, but Aditi is nowhere in the house. Aarav, Riyansh, Sandhya and Simar come hastily and searches everywhere. But none finds her out. Being tensed, Badima asks guruji informs about Aditi. Simar is asked to bring some thing of Aditi. Others members also becomes agitated for her sudden abduction. Simar gives a dupatta of Aditi to guruji and by smelling it Guruji says that she is somewhere in a very claustrophobic and dark space. Simar runs towards the basement and storage room and screams with her name, but none responses. Suddenly they notice that Aditi lies in the floor of the storage room being senseless. After many trying, Aditi opens her eyes and surprises to see herself in the dark room. She is brought in the room, again becomes confused to see a red stain in her hand. She goes to wash it away.

Simar discusses with Aarav regarding the happening weird things and shows another death incident of another antique shopkeeper who is killed in the same way of the previous murder. Simar runs in the dining hall and calls everyone to come there. She asks Maharaj ji to bring the statue by hook and crook. Reema also supports her, confirming she will find out the history of statue. Aarav is still not ready to believe that it is not a piece of artwork. But Badima orders strictly to drive it away. Aditi confesses that she didn’t take and return any bangle to Simar. The stain couldn’t be removed by Aditi. To pray ma durga Simar opens up her problems and tries to figure out the presence of the statue.
Episode ends.

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