Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2022 Written Update: The curse gets back in Badima’s life again


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the destruction of the Oswaal mansion. Aarav losses his senses and life for a hard wound. Simar continues to call with the name of him. All other members come to see and loses their words to see Aarav. Everyone gets thunderstrucked. Meanwhile, Kamakshi gets furious when Rudra asks her for a chance again. Rudra gets hurt with the power of Kamakshi. Rudra tries hard for his own breath and explains why did he defeated. Kamakshi gets more angry as Simar beat him easily. Rudra is regarded as a shame of her hereditary. When Mayakshi goes to stop her, she is also attacked by Mayakshi. She assumes that Simar will not live longer as Aarav couldn’t hold his breath for longer. She waits for that moment.

Oswaal brings Aarav back in the Oswaal mansion. Simar looks emotional and reminds their special moments. A homely health unit is created for checking Aarav up. Most of them keeping aside the tension, arrange for necessary steps. Vivaan brings infection, Chitra takes care of Sandhya as she continues to cry. Vivan is asked to stay strong by Reema. Doctor requests others to leave the room. Simar sticks in the believe that nothing bad would happen with Aarav, as she worshipped matarani by her own hands. Doctor asked why didn’t they take Aarav to the hospital in this serious condition. Simar strongly opposes that because that negative dangerous power might harm in the outside. Simar promises she will arrange each and everything the doctors need. Doctor asks for the immediate blood. Then and then Simar offers the blood of herself. Sandhya, Vivaan and Reema also step forward to give their. But still the doctor agitates to keep Aarav in a homely condition. Simar looks confident in her believe. They are again asked to leave the room. Simar suddenly reminds of Badima.

Badima standing still in her own room with a gun, reminds the old incidents for which these all things are happening. Many years ago, somehow she mistakenly shooted someone and he cursed her for death. She goes to kill herself but Simar stops her. Badima looks devasted and says she wants to sacrifice her own life to break that prophecy. Simar somehow calms her down and asks about the truth. Badima starts to tell the old incidents.

Many years ago, Badima mistakenly killed her own husband by her own hands. She reached to Sadhwiji for asking help. She told her that may be law will forgive her, but her karma will not spare her. Badima with her folding hands, asks for time for his atonement. She asks some time for adolescent children. Sadhwiji agreed with her and spared her for sometimes. But geetanjali have to come back after some years. Badima looks devasted with guilt how she killed her own husband. Badima realises her own mistakes and how she forgot all the incidents in the flow of life. Badima says she should have died many years ago, but that karma has come with all the interest and Aarav is paying for her mistakes.

Badima cries loudly and wants to kill herself. Badima is calmed down by Simar and promised to return Aarav with his before state. They both pledge together that they will not let happen any harm to Aarav. Badima also promises that she will not also allow any mistreat. Simar promises to Aarav that she will not agree with her own defeat. Simar transfers her own locket of Matarani to Aarav for his safety. Aarav doesn’t respond.

Simar prays to God for the recuperation of Aarav. She takes some sindoor and draws a line at the door of Matarani. Simar again comes back to Sadhwiji for the help. But Sadhwiji can’t aid Simar because the death is not partial to anyone. Simar says that she will unturn the prophecy and wouldn’t treat that mistake as a crime. Sadhwiji disagrees to help her and Simar has somehow managed to escape the death, but Aarav won’t. Simar insists Sadhwiji again and again but Simar will promise that she could fight with Sadhwiji even to save God.
Episode ends.

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