Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th August 2022 Written Update: Ishita aborts the baby


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the Simar’s disguise in the hospital. Simar is seen by the fraud friends of Reyansh. Somehow Aarav saves Kavya by taking them aside. Rogues run behind them but the tires of their best have been punctured. The parents and Kabya show their gratitude to Aarav and Simar. They are trying to take kavya in a safe place. They are confused to think where to go. Simar calls Vivan and Reema for managing a safe place. But Reema cuts the call from both of the phone. She gets tensed to think she have to go alone now in Delhi. Vivan falls asleep. Reema tries to run from the bus. But she sees the Vivaan has hold her dress. Reema gets emotional but she gets off the bus alone and starts to walk. She looks guilt and nervous. She promises in her mind she would return to him after the completion of her work. She catches a car and goes alone in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Ishita and Chitra are irritated with the magical power of Simar. They are angry why Badima is not taking this matter as a serious thing. Simar also didn’t come to visit Ishita. Suddenly Reyansh comes with a disturbed face as the plans of Reyansh has messed up. On asking Ishita why he is disturbed, he rebukes to Ishita to stop. Suddenly Reyansh takes the pouch of tomamto sauce and spreads on all over the bed and Ishita. Chitra, Pallavi and Ishita screw up. Reyansh tells them are not you think that why did Badima is not angry on Simar. Because this baby is safe. Reyansh wants to kill this imaginary baby to trigger off the anger of Geetanjali devi. But Ishita wants to play this drama for more times to hold position in Oswaal family. Reyansh makes Ishita understand to stop this game for now. Pallavi and Chitra also agree with Reyansh. Reyansh advices the doctor to make a report where it will be written the baby has died.

Simar and Aarav comes to Badima to tell the truth. Then Badima hears the scream of Ishita. She runs inside and sees that everything is scattered inside. Ishita falls senseless after being exhausted to scream. Being agitated she asks the doctor whether the baby is alright or not. But doctor declares the baby is has died. Badima gets shocked and everyone is speechless. They are asked to leave the

In the outside of cabin, Chitra and Pallavi accuses Simar as the killer of the baby. They continue to blame Simar. Pallavi yells at Simar. Being jealous Simar has murdered the baby. Aarav supports Simar as she permits first to Ishita in this house. Simar says she did mistake to bring Ishita in this home. Badima looks devasted. Simar declares that the baby was falsly created by Ishita. Everyone looks astonished.

Doctor gives the report of the miscarriage of Ishita to Reyansh. Reyansh advices Ishita to get ready to perform one more drama. Ishita says lets do it. Pallavi accuses Simar for the miscarriage and says she will return Ishita with her. Aarav requests to stop insulting Simar. He says he will prove oneday what’s was happened by Reyansh. Chitra gets relieved to think that this game is already ended. Ishita comes and pretends that she has lost the baby. Simar tries to say something. But doctor blames Simar as a the assassinater of the baby. Ishita holds Badima and breaks down. She continues to say to save her from Ishita. Badima hugs her tightly and says our warish is no more. Simar looks puzzled to see the situation.
Episode ends.

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