Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2022 Written Update: Ishita pretends to be innocent


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Maddy and Ishita. They discusses about how everytime Simar excapes all the problems and for they would defeat Simar. Suddenly Simar overhears them and accuses Ishita as a conspirer against Aditi. Ishita pretends to be innocent. Maddy also says that the incident was mistakenly happened.

But Simar says she knows also the truth. Ishita acts that she didn’t know anything and says to Simar that Simar is spoiling her image to everyone and struggles to get sympathy. Riyansh comes and asks Simar why she is doing all that. Simar tries to justify herself. But Ishita pretenciosly apologize Simar and says she wants to break this relationship according to Simar’s wish. Ishita takes off her wedding ring and she doesn’t want this marriage with her evil image.

Kapoor family interferes and Mr Kapoor says this mistake was happened due to the cause of the negligences of decorator. Mr Kapoor sumon the decorator and accuse him. When decorator says they didn’t do mistake then Pallavi goes to slap him. Simar somehow manages to stop her. Simar says to Mrs Kapoor to let him go.

Aarav forbades to break the marriage and says to Riyansh to put on her the ring again. He apologizes for her the overreacting. Ishita smirks on her trick. Rudra and Reema conversem with each other in a car. Rudra points out some blemishes on Reema’s face. Reema leans her face towards him and Rudra tries to wash it out. Suddenly Vivaan comes and sees them in a close moment. Reema feels guilty. Vivaan calls her from behind. Vivaan asks where she was but she ignores him.

Simar gets disappointed on Aarav for the interference of him. Simar is anxious about Aditi and she knows who is guilty. Aarav tries to calm her and says they didn’t have any prove to complain. He explains her the importance of the respect of Oswaal family. Simar wants to meet Aditi as she gets tensed. Vivaan helps Reema to take off the necklace.

Vivaan again asks Reema where she was in crysis of the family. Reema is not ready answer the questions. Reema gets embarrassed when Vivaan says he disturbed then in their private moment. Reema forbades him to make it as a trouble of this small issue. They continue to argue.
Badima rebukes Riyansh for signing the documents without elder’s permission.

Badima says Riyansh how dare him to take this big decision by himself. Badima asks everyone whether they are aware of this agreement. But everyone denies. Badima rebukes Giriraj and Chitra for their irresponsibility. Chitra accuses Simar and yells at her. Giriraj tries to cool her. But Chitra shouts at her and figuring out Simar as culprit of this turmoil. Chitra continues to insult Simar. Chitra wants to justify the decision of Kapoor’s family.

Reema asks Vivaan whether he believes her or not, Vivaan tries to calm her. But Reema thinks Vivaan doubts her and gets irritated on him. Reema wants justify the point of view regarding Rudra for the sake of her profession. They continue to argue and suddenly Reema tries to slap him. Vivan gets disappointed.

Aarav rebukes Riyansh for his decision. Badima says that as the marriage is coming close, she realises this was a song choice. Giriraj confronts Riyansh but Chitra strongly support Reyansh and gives her permission regarding the agreement.

Reema asks Vivaan why he is doubtful towards her. Reema regards Rudra as her family. Vivan asks who he is to her. Reema refers him as a insecure jealous husband.
Chitra continues to legitimate the matter of aggreement and reproves Simar for her uneven attitude towards Riyansh.

Chitra trirs to normalise the point of view of Kapoor family to Badima. Simar says she didn’t have any wrong intention to break the relationship. Riyansh accuses Simar for his misfortune. Riyansh says Simar always blame them. Chitra says if this marriage will break down, Simar will be guilty for that.
Episode ends.

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