Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st February 2022 Written Update: Aarav gets angry with Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar is shocked to see gun in Geetanjali’s hand. Gagan tries to snatch the gun from her hand but is unable to do so. Simar comes in between Gagan and Geetanjali. Geetanjali fires the gun which hits Simar. Aarav is shocked to hear this sound on the phone. While Geetanjali and Gagan get nervous. Aarav calls Simar but when Simar doesn’t respond, he panics. Gajendra asks Aarav what happened.

Aarav says that they have to go to MG Road. Here Aditi is calling Simar in a state of unconsciousness. Here Geetanjali is about to shoot Gagan. Simar regains consciousness. She throws soil on Geetanjali and asks Gagan to leave from there. She says she is fine and Gagan should leave from here. Gagan is about to leave. He sits in the car but Geetanjali comes there and points a gun at Gagan’s forehead.

She tells Gagan that today he will not be able to escape. Simar holds Geetanjali’s hand. Gagan takes the gun from her hand and says that he will kill everyone if they try to do anything to Aditi and his child. Simar tells him not to do anything like this but he starts the car and leaves from there. Next Aarav and everyone else comes there. They ask Simar how did she get this injury in her hand.

Simar says they don’t need to worry about her. She tells them that Geetanjali is with Gagan and they should follow them. Aarav gets angry at Simar and tells her why did she bring her here when he asked her to take care of Geetanjali. Simar tries to explain her point to him but he does not listen to her and asks her to go to the hospital from there.

Simar thinks about Aditi and says that she should go to Aditi. Aditi’s operation is going on in the hospital. Simar reaches there. Sandhya tries to stop her but Simar does not listen to her. She goes to Rajendra and says that he will commit a crime if he kills Aditi’s child. Rajendra understands her point and tells Sandhya that he will not do anything wrong with Aditi’s child.

Later Gajendra and everyone else also comes to the hospital and tells Sandhya that Gagan has kidnapped Geetanjali. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Gagan then calls him and tells him that he will not leave Geetanjali if he does something to Aditi. Geetanjali is about to tell them where she is but Gagan hits her on the forehead. Geetanjali faints. While Reema says that her brother is going to die because of Simar and all this is happening because of her. Simar promises her that nothing will happen to her brother.

Episode Ends.

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