Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st July 2022 Written Update: Simar disagrees with Ishita


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the argument with Oswaal family. Chitra is rebuked by Badima as she was insulting Simar. Suddenly Kappor family comes and Pallavi asks about Aaditi’s condition. Pallavi and Mr parlour look sorry for the accident. Kapoor says they have come to ask apology. He says to Badima as she doesn’t want to accept the agreement, he burns the documents. Pallavi says that Badima herself is the great security for them and their daughter. Simar says Badima to forgive them as the parents of a daughter gets nervous in terms of their marriage. Chitra appreciates Badima for her big heart. But Badima says Simar who owns a big heart. In spite of all the insulting behaviour of Kapoor, Simar can forgive everyone. She is the individual one who takes the responsibility of marriage and tries to keep the pledge.

Gagan says Aditi she shouldn’t go any matrimonial party further, Aditi gets irritated. She rebukes and gets obstinate that she would participate all the functions. They start arguing. Suddenly Roma comes and she is asked to get out her brother as Gagan is always worried. Aditi says her brother is constantly disturb him with his over protective attitude. Roma pushes outRoma gets emotional as she is alone in her pregnancy. Gagan overhears them and thinks about the girls mood swing.

Haldi function of Riyansh gets start. One by one sread the cream on his face. Aditi spoils Riyansh’s whole face with the turmeric paste. Then she encourages to do so by everyone. Everyone enjoys to make fun of Riyansh with the turmeric paste.
Simar gets ready for the preparation of Haldi. She is observed by Badima. Chitra asks to Badima to get ready. But Badima says she won’t go. Giriraj and Chitra are also asked to stay in home as there are many more works for them.

Simar is anxious whether she could complete the ritual without any mistakes. Simar is said by Badima that there is no work that she couldn’t handle.
Simar and Aarav come together. Kapoor family greets them warmly. Ishita gets excited to see Simar and hugs her. Ishita greets Simar with sweet quoted words.
Gagan forbids Aditi to take any drinks and asked to drink pure water. Aditi gets disappointed with his attitude. Ishita gives Simar a special drink. Simar doubts its taste and smell. But Ishita says as it’s impotent so it’s different from all the other drinks. She insists to take the drink, but Simar first they should perform the ritual, then she would take drink.

Reema is asked to take special drink by Vivan. Suddenly Rudra messeges her to give the compliments. A girl comes and admires the beauty of Reema. Reema doubts how the massege of the girl and Rudra can be same.

Simar says Ishita to start the rasam of Haldi. Ishita permits to start. Ishita gets furious to know the terms of ritual and says she won’t touch this haldi, as it is already used. Simar says, if this ritual can’t be performed in the traditional, then it is better not to happen. Simar turns to away to go. But she is stopped by Simar and asked to put the haldi on her feet, as she is allergic with the turmeric. But Simar disagrees. Chitra watches everything with the live telecast. Simar says If it is not done properly, it is better not to do it. She would tell everything to Badima. Ishita gets nervous.
Episode ends.

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