Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st May 2022 Written Update: Yamini wants to ruin the Oswal family


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Geetanjali starts crying. Aarav and Simar try to calm her down. Simar says that she can understand her pain as no woman can bear another woman in her husband’s life. She adds that she didn’t know about her and Yamini’s relationship. She apologises to her. Reema says to Geetanjali that for Simar sangeet is her puja thus she should not snatch her dream from her.

Vivaan says that they can understand her pain but Simar has no fault in this. Sandhya agrees with Vivaan. Gajnedra too takes a stand for Simar. Geetanjali says that she thought that she would never break her trust but she was wrong. Simar asks her not to say so. Geetanjali is about to leave from there. Simar tries to stop her. She says that she made a mistake and she will rectify it. Geetanjali doesn’t pay heed to her words and leaves from there.

Aarav gets sad seeing Simar’s condition. He goes to her and raises his hand on her. Dhami says that she can kill Simar for him and can even die for him. Aarav says that she made a huge mistake today and she will soon get punishment for this. Vivaan sees Aarav and Dhami. He goes to Aarav and asks him to leave Dhami. Aarav leaves from there. Dhami shouts at Vivaan and asks him why he has sent Aarav from here.

Vivaan says that she should stop all this otherwise she will regret it. Saying this he goes away from there. Dhami looks at him angrily. Later Aarav finds out that Simar is not at home. He asks Vivaan where is Simar. Reema comes there and says that Simar has gone out for some work. Here Simar comes to the Narayan house. She asks Indu where is Samar. She tells her that he is in his room. Simar goes there.

Indu and Avinash also follow her. Simar asks Samar to leave her house. Samar holds Simar’s hand. Simar gets angry and slaps him. Later Simar tells Indu and Avinash that because of her Geetanjali is so sad. Geetanjali comes there and put her hand on Simar’s head. She says to her that she is not upset with her. She adds that because of her she has faced her biggest enemy and now she can live happily as she went out her heart today.

On the other hand, Yamini says to Samar that she won’t leave the Oswal family and will ruin them. While Geetanjali promises Simar that from today onwards she will protect her and her family. Meanwhile, Dhami is so happy. She calls someone and tells him that Simar has gone away from the Oswal mansion. Reema hears her words. She thinks about whom Dhami is talking to. Episode end.

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