Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st November 2022 Written Update: Laboni takes the entry in Oswaal


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with lamentation of Aditi, but suddenly she smiles because she finds her Geet finally. Everyone looks released and relieved to get back the baby. Badima cries in happiness and thanks to God for returning the baby. Then Gajendra holds the baby and offers that they should celebrate this incident and thanks the police officer. Police officer informs them that there is a lady who informed the police about the kidnappers. Oswaals want to know what is the original identity of the lady. Badima goes to meet the lady in the police station. Badima acknowledges her greatness about rescuing the baby. The lady confirms that it was her duty to save the baby. Badima wonders to see the wound in the hand of the anonymous girl.

When the lady is asked about the wound, the lady explains that how courageously she saved the baby to fight with goons. They are beaten up by her, but in the midst of the fighting the lady is wounded. Badima asks about how she earns her bread. The lady describes how poorly she walks door to door for some job. She looks disappointed not having a permanent job. Badima offers to have the job in the Oswaal family. The girl denies to have the job first.

Here, Simar and Sandhya arranges for the welcoming Geet. When Badima arrives with Geet, Aditi runs to hold her. She seems immensely happy and satisfy to see the baby again. Aditi promises the baby that she will never leave her alone. All cordially invites and celebrates the returning of Geet. They celebrates the arrival of Geet. Aarav asks Badima how did they save the baby. Badima tells about the goons and kidnappers and how dangerous they were, and also tells about the lady.

Sandhya, Chitra and Aarav are also looked hypnotized to have the shadow of the girl. Badima asks Simar to call the lady inside. She questions about the girl, from where she got her and Simar is described again about the lady. When Simar comes outside to receive the lady, suddenly the weather seems so stormy and foul. Simar stands infront of the lady, applauds her greatness and contribution to their family. Simar introduces herself, and also asks about the lady. The lady introduces herself as Jhumri. The weather gets worsen. All the environment looks so spooky and horrendous.

As soon as, Simar welcomes the lady, one glass pot breaks which seems ominous to everyone. The lady is greeted by others. Aarav again stares at the lady. Simar
Simar asks about the family members of Jhumri, but she says that all the members of her are departed. Jhumri mistakenly pronounces some Bengali words, but when Simar asks about her originality, Laboni says that she is from uttar pradesh. Badima also confirms about that. When Simar is asked to go hit the hack in the room, as Aarav is waiting for her, Laboni feels jealous.
Episode ends.

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