Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Simar helped Gajendra


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Aarav calls the commissioner and asks him if he came to know about Geetanjali. He refuses and says that he is still trying to find them. Here Simar tells Aditi that Gagan loves her and also shows her the video in which Gagan is telling Oswals that he only wants Aditi. Aditi says that she knew that Gagan is not cheating on her this time.

She says but these people will kill him so she should do something. Simar tells her not to worry. Later she goes to the temple and asks Matarani to help her. She further guesses that she had seen the temple in the video call, which means that Gagan is in the old temple of Lalchowk. She thinks that she has to go there but she cannot go alone as Geetanjali will not listen to her and things may get worse.

She calls Aarav but he does not pick up the call. Simar thinks that Aravav is angry with her so he too is not taking her calls. She then calls Gajendra. While here the police tell Aarav that they have come to know about Geetanjali’s car. Gajendra leaves from there without listening to Simar. Further, they reach Geetanjali Devi’s car but no one is there.

Aarav says that Gagan is trying to mislead them. Gajendra remembers that Simar was trying to tell him something. He calls her. Simar tells him that Gagan is in Lalchowk’s temple. Gajendra asks her how she came to know about all this. Simar says she will tell him later, he should come here now. She tells him not to tell Aarav about all this as he is already angry.

Gajendra understands her point. He then goes to Aarav and tells him that he should calm down. Aarav gets confused on hearing his words. Gajendra says that he has got a lead so he is leaving from here but he should stay here. He then hugs Aarav and says that he is happy to see that he is doing so much for his family.

Then Gajendra leaves from there and reaches the temple. He tells Simar that he has come here only to find Geetanjali and if he comes to know that she is lying, he will not leave her. Simar says that she brought Geetanjali to Gagan because she wanted to meet Gagan. Gajendra understands her point and says that he will make everything right now and will also convince everyone for the marriage of Gagan and Aditi.

Here Gagan calls Aarav and Aarav asks him where is he. Gagan says that he only wants Aditi and then he will leave from here. He tells him that he should come to the temple of Lal Chowk to meet him. Aarav tells Vivaan to take Aditi to the temple. Vivaan says fine. He reaches home and wants Aditi to accompany him. Sandhya wants to go with them too. Vivaan leaves for the temple with them.

Episode Ends.

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