Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Ishita traps to insult Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar warning Ishita that she won’t let her compromise any rasam anymore. As Simar with her family tries to leave the ritual, Ishita’s father struggles to convince them. Then they come to a mutual understanding. Ishita forces Simar and Araav for a drink. As they both take the drinks, they both start to feel dizzy. Ishita takes the advantage of Simar’s unmindfulness and asks her to do something special for her.

Someone sends a romantic messege to Reema, who is also not in her conscious state. She thinks it to be Rudra and falls on Vivaan’s arm. Vivaan also looks drunk and they start talking nonsense. As Vivaan leaves, Reema recalls and shouts that she has came to meet Rudra.

Upon Ishita’s word Simar starts dancing like silly. Reema , Araav and Vivaan joins her and they all start dancing like screwed. Chitra gets clip of their live dances and gets excited. Aditi looks puzzled on Simar and other’s behaviour. Ishita enjoys her did.
Chitra loudly plays the video on TV. Shandhya , Gajendra, Giriraj says their must be something wrong with Simar. But Chitra tries to set a fire by insisting upon Simar’s irresponsible behaviour. Suddenly Badima comes and gets shocked.

Simar tries to put Haldi on Ishita but she tactfully pushes her on to her foot. Maddy excitedly announces Ishita Haldi Rasham. Simar falls on Araav’s arm while dancing. Gagan also looks drunk. Aditi and Roma suspect, their must be something in the drink. Aditi tastes a drink but finds it perfect. Aditi and Roma try to resist them from dancing but they denies. Shandhya and Gajendra tries to convince Badimaa, that there must be something abnormal. But Chitra tries to provoke Badimaa.

Aditi gives Reema a glass of lemon water. Reema calls Rudra and asks him not call her anymore. Rudra looks aewstruct. Aditi tries to arrange some more glass of lemon water. In the meantime Simar and Araav start talking nonsense and romancing in front of everyone. Aditi gives both of them a glass of lemon water. But suddenly Mr. Kapoor comes and took Araav away from them. Simar somehow manage finish the drink. But Gagan takes Aditi and Ruma to a room and asks them to take rest and locks the door.

Episode ends with, Simar coming back to her sense after drinking the lemon water and suddenly recalls what she has been doing all these out of her mind.

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