Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Badima asks Jhumri about her past life


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with the hesitation of Simar regarding Jhumri. Simar goes to sleep in her room. Simar is asked to calm her mind and hold the piece in inner self. Simar assures her. Sandhya and Chitra smirks at her confidence. Jhumri stares at the room of Simar then she thinks of Aarav romantically. Aarav also feels something connected with the environment. Simar touches him, then he gets back his sense. Simar says about the stromy weather. Aarav says to Simar that she will save him from every danger. Jhumri says to herself, this time Simar couldn’t save him. She will fulfill her love this time. Aarav lies down to the bed. Simar suddenly notices that the window of the hall is still open. When Simar goes to close the door, she feels some weird presence of some spooky thing. She comes down to the hall, and searches for something unknown, but can’t see anything.

Simar closes the main gate of the house. Meanwhile, Jhumri goes to Aarav’s room and cuddles him with her hand, expresses how she used to miss him. Jhumri hugs a shirt of Aarav. Then Aarav opens his eyes, stares at Jhumri. She starts to sing for him, dances in love. She seduces him to fall in love for her. They look romantically engaged. Suddenly Simar opens the door but still Aarav is lying in his bed. She also lies down beside him, again wakes up feeling something spooky. Simar utters the name of Murti, understands that there’s somebody. She calls to Matarani for her consciousness.

Jhumri still stands in the room, staring at Aarav romantically. Her gaze hates Simar and also gets jealous for their physical intimacy. In the next morning, Simar arranges for the puja, prays to God. She confesses about the last night incidents. Then Simar reaches in the kitchen, there Jhumri is preparing for food. Jhumri is asked to take the prasad, but Jhumri tells her to keep the prasad in a palate, as her hands are busy. Simar notices that, Jhumri has done everything in her own hand. She wonders to think how she completed everything in the short time. Jhumri mistakenly says that there is no necessity of Simar here. But when Simar asks when she did all these things things, Jhumri says she didn’t have the sleep last night, so she starts her work from dawn. Simar explains all the works and the taste of the others.

Jhumri says today evryone will taste of her hands. Simar notices that Jhumri has been weared only one saree from the day one. Simar offers some dress, but Jhumri asks for her old dresses. When Jhumri offers Reema the mixed milk tea, Reema orders some green tea. Reema asks Simar to have over all the responsibilities to Jhumri, and concentrate on her career. Jhumri also supports her.

When Jhumri is asked to uncover the veil of her by Reema. But somehow Jhumri escapes her request. Reema gets confused to see her conservative mind, but Simar forbids to concentrate on it. Simar offers her some prasad. Jhumri massages the feet of Badima, but she forbids to do that. But Jhumri acknowledges her greatness and polite behaviour. Jhumri is appreciated for her massage style. She reminds of her mother then suddenly Sandhya arrives and hugs Jhumri saying Laboni. Badima confuses to see them closer.
Episode ends.

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