Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update: Masumi talks with someone invisible

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with the astonishment of Simar. She notices that Masumi is destroying the picture of Badima and she is smiling seeing someone else. Simar asks her why did she do this. Masumi expresses her anger on Badima as she disagreed to the marriage between Gajendra and Charu. She didn’t accept her even. Simar makes her understand that Badima didn’t know the truth about Gajendra. She forbids to do any harm to the elders. Being emotional, Masumi hugs Simar politely. She feels relaxed.

In the next morning, vivaan and Simar discuss about something mysterious. They come in ashram for searching some clues about Masumi in that ashram. To solve the doubt of Simar, they come in the room of Masumi. They both enter in room of her. Her belongings are scattered. Then Simar notices that many things are doubled by number.

Here, in Oswaal members feel bizarre to see the scratched photography of Badima. Reema Aditi Geetanjali devi blame Masumi for this crime. Reema doubt that Masumi may harm the baby of Aditi. Aditi also agrees with that. Gajendra asks apology from everyone, he promises he will talk with Masumi. Chitra shouts at Gajendra for past deeds. Reema can’t think the action of Masumi and she runs towards Masumi talking face to face. Geetanjali also think it would be dangerous to keep that girl.

Simar and Vivaan discuss how one can stay in that dirty room. They both understand there is something mysterious in her room. Searching the belongings, Simar observes a wall picture of a woman. There are some scribbles are written. The caretaker describes the moody behaviour of Masumi. The caretaker informs that she always needs two things at a time, asks for two plates of food, two things. She never sleeps on the bed. Simar is informed that there were twin babies of Charu, whose name was Gunjan, but she died later. Simar and Vivaan are given a file of reports, Simar awestrucks to see the report.

Reema shouts at Masumi for her deeds, Gajendra forbids Reema rebuking her. But she doesn’t listen him. Holding the hands and giving a jerk to her, she questions why did she destroy that picture. Suddenly Masumi stares at the corner at room and murmurs that she wants and deserves everything. When Reema tries to slap her, Masumi holds the hand of Reema tightly. Seeing her desperation, Aditi slaps strongly. Aditi shouts at her. Masumi says to her that she has done a great mistake, then she starts to snob. Ganjendra tries to handle the situation. Aarav also adjoins Aditi shouldn’t physically harm her. Aditi can’t tolerate the whole situation. Gajendra asks for some days, there are few days left, after that he will send Masumi from the house. Being outrageous, Aditi leaves the room. Reema stares at them. As soon as Gajendra leaves, Masumi seems happy that Gajendra took her side.

When Masumi celebrates her happiness, suddenly her elder sister comes infront of her. Gunjan, the elder sister of Masumi, suggests that they will punish Aditi for mischievous behaviour. Gunjan forbids Masumi to cry and she consoles Masumi. Gunjan and Masumi conspire that they will achieve everything what they wanted, Masumi agrees to follow the words of Gunjan. They decide to punish Aditi and Sandhya who snatched their deserving.

Aditi expresses the grief to Aarav. Trying to console Aditi, Aarav also becomes emotional. Sandhya also makes them understand the lacuna of the situation. She asks to hold the hands of each other. She also decides to forgive Gajendra, but couldn’t accept Masumi. Aarav and Aditi agree with her mother.
Episode ends.

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