Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Gitanjali says she will not forgive Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar’s confusion state. She comes in her conscious sense. Aarav and Mr Kapoor still drink. Ishita says to Maddy to cover the incident up to break the traditional image of them. Aarav is still unstable and is taken away by Simar. Vivan sees the cover photo of the magazine and there is the picture of Reema. He goes to Reema to appreciate her, but Reema first gets irritated to hear, then Vivaan shows the magazine, Reema gets overwhelmed. Reema says the dream has fulfilled today.

Aarav, Gagan and Vivaan are still in their intoxicated. They are not in their stable state. Maddy makes fun of them. Gagan and Aditi are unblocked by Simar. They plan that how to stable the situation. Reema is approved as beautiful by the guests. Ishita and Maddy come to take selfie. Maddy pokes her about the extra marital affair with Rudra. Reema gets embarrassed and goes away.

Leaving the mental and physical sanity, Aarav and loses his control and falls down in the floor. Badima comes there then. Everyone gets awestruck and nervous. Reema is asked to take some nimbu paani to make them of their intoxication. Simar and Reema give them some lemon pieces and they got their conscious. They regain their senses. Vivan, Gagan and Aarav seek the apologization. Simar reveals that there must be something wrong with the drinks.

Chitra smirks and Simar insults to tell her that she is trying hide her mistakes. Sandhya, Gagan and Giriraj try make understand Badima. Chitra says to evryone, the younger members shouldn’t be given the responsibility anymore. Badima suddenly announces that she wants to cancel the marriage.

Chitra and Giriraj says how this can possible? Badima says she would be constant in her decision. She strongly criticizes Kapoor family. Badima says Ishita tries to insult their own would be laws family. She knows everything about the co conspiracy to create controversial matter.

Chitra asks about Badima. Gitanjali says, she may do anything, but she wouldn’t let elders to be Insulted. She knows the limitation. May be she is childish, but not shameless. The daughter in laws of Oswaal family are more pure than ganga jal, then whoever tries to insult them, she will uproot them instantly. Riyansh is confirmed by Badima that whatever has happened, it was intentionally conspired by Ishita.

Gitanjali continues to say that Ishita is so desperate to insult Ishita and disparage the Oswal family. Then what she would do after her marriage in this family! Badima finally declares she won’t let Ishita to be the bohu of Oswal khandan. Badima says also that she wouldn’t forgive Simar as Simar choses Ishita to for Riyansh’s wife. Aarav and Vivaan are asked to handle the media reaction.

Chitra tries to something to say but Badima strongly oppose her. Reema thinks that she should personally thank Rudra as her gratitude and goes away. Riyansh is asked by Chitra to manage the situation. Chitra compels him to marry Ishita, as they want to use Ishita as the weapon of themselves against Simar. Riyansh says she will marry ishta by hook or crook.
Episode ends.

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