Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Divesh gets angry at Reema


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Geetanjali asks the housekeepers to prepare the house for Holi. She says that Gajendra loves the Holi festival so everything should be well. Sandhya comes there and says that she need not worry as she will take care of everything. Simar and Reema come there. Reema says that she will take care of all the work of Holi, everyone should tell her what to do. Geetanjali asks her if her mother hasn’t taught her anything.

Reema tells her that her mother has taught her how to make sweets. Simar tells that Indu has also told her the method of Holika Dahan. Geetanjali gives Reema a list and asks her if she will handle it all. She says yes. While further she is shocked to see the long list. Chitra tells Raj that Rima will not be able to prepare for Holi. While Reema goes to Simar and asks her if she will help her.

Simar says yes. Reema hugs her. Aarav and Vivaan get happy seeing this. Chitra tells Raj that this time on the festival of Holi, she will throw Simar out of this house and then no one will be able to save Gajendra. Further, Reema and Simar are preparing for the festival of Holi. Reema is very happy because she has got a sister like Simar. She takes a selfie with her and posts it on social media.

Divesh gets angry seeing her photo. He says that he will teach Reema a lesson on the day of Holika Dahan and will not let her live happily. Here Geetanjali sees Reema and Simar talking. She advises both of them to work. On the other hand, Indu gets worried about Gagan. Gagan tells her not to be worried as everything will be fine soon. Whereas Samar comes there.

Indu and Avinash get happy seeing him. Indu tells Samar that she missed the coffee made by him a lot. Samar says that he will make coffee for them again. Gagan meets Samar and asks him why he didn’t tell him about his problem. Samar asks them if their relationship is so weak. Indu refuses. Samar asks them to promise that they will not hide anything from him from today onwards.

Here Aarav is looking at Simar. Vivaan comes there and makes fun of Aarav. Vivaan says that Aarav should go and talk to Simar. But Aarav refuses. Vivaan says that he spoke to Reema at his request, so he should also obey him. Later Vivaan goes to Simar and praises her. Whereas further Geetanjali comes there and says that the preparations have been very good. Simar gets happy hearing this.

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