Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Chaya attempts to assassinate Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts in the dining room. Everyone is waiting for dinner. Badima asks about being late. Kavya comes back from the kitchen as Chaya and Chitra denies to take her help. As everyone is aware of Reema and Chitra’s cooking knowledge, they start to plan to order food from outside. Then Chitra comes out with a big smile and declares that they have prepared a lots of delicious foods for everyone. As Chaya comes out with a lots of mouth watering foods cooked by them, Simar starts recalling old memories of Reema’s struggling to cook. Aditi is also there to dine with them. Sandhya informs them that today’s dinner is prepared by Reema and Chitra. They are in quandary.

Reema and Chaya comes with the grand delicious foods. Chaya starts describing special items for everyone. After tasting foods everyone look surprised as it tastes delicious. Vivaan is so satisfied with the food that he kissed on Chaya’s hand and praises her. Badimaa and everyone starts praising Chaya. Simar stands up and hugs Chaya for the food. Simar happily says that she will pass her keys of Oswal to Chaya but Badimaa stops her. Badimaa asks Simar not to jugde anyone on the basis of a single performance. Chaya asks Badimaa she would like to cook everydays foods. As Chitrand Chaya have sprinkled magical water on the foods everyone agree with them. Badimaa gives permission to her. Chaya tastes a special food to Simar.

Simar and Araav gets back to their room and feels very uneasy because of foods effect. Simar and Araav both struggle a lot to get to the bed. Araav helps Simar to remove a chain with a locket of Matarani in it. After that they both fall asleep and Chaya entres the room. Chaya starts destroing different show pieces in the room.

Chaya says she will not get any chance farther to kill Simar. She murmurs that there are no support of Aarav and the blessed dhaga. No will can save Simar from the hand of her. Suddenly the hand of Aarav falls on the hand of Simar, but Chaya pledges herself that none can stop her. But some omnipotent power is resisting her from killing Simar. Chaya fears of Rudra.
Rudra comes through a shadowy dark way. His advent is so horrific, that nature becomes horrific. Rudra shouts with the name of Chaya. Chaya feels something weird and trembles in fear. Rudra threats that if Chaya will not come within his counting, he will harm Chaya. Chaya thinks that she have to go there, otherwise she will be in danger. Rudra expresses that how much he missed her.

Rudra says that he had missed Chaya a lot a and Rudra asks Chaya if she had missed him or not. Chaya gets nervous and says yes to Rudra. Rudra starts torturing Chaya outrageously and says Chaya cheater. He scolds her how can she love a human instead of Rudra. Chaya denies but Rudra gets more outrageous and says that she cannot hide anything from Rudra. Chaya asks Rudra she won’t do it again. Then Rudra shows a glass bottle to Chaya and Chaya start praying to Rudra to let her live free and asks him not to cage her. But Rudra denies to trust her again. Chaya looks very agitated in fear.

Then, Simar gets her sense back after sometimes. She gets puzzled about the whole circumstances. She puts on her Matarani locket back in her neck. She feels someing must be wrong. In the downstairs Rudra does not care to listen to Chaya’s any explanation and cages Chaya in the bottle. Simar gets up and comes outside in the passage upstaire.

Episode ends with Simar, watching Rudra standing downstairs with a glass bottle on the floor and Chaya( Reema) caged in it. She looks very shocked.

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