Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th March 2022 Written Update: Aarav to teach a lesson to Divesh


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode Geetanjali tells her family about the importance of Holika Dahan. She says that all the couples have to worship together at the time of Holika Dahan. Simar and Aarav start looking at each other. Reema comes to Vivaan and says that she has done exactly as he told her. She thanks him because he supported her. Vivaan says that he should say thank you because she believed in him.

Vivaan says that he will never leave her. Reema smiles. Vivaan then goes to Simar and says that he is happy that she has given Reema the right advice. Simar says that Reema is trying to change now and she is doing all this for him. Geetanjali starts the rituals of Holika Dahan. Divesh reaches Oswal Haveli. He says that today he will teach Reema a good lesson and burn her happiness to ashes.

Aarav’s watch gets stuck by Simar’s dupatta. Geetanjali asks Aarav to circumambulate. Aarav and Simar circumambulate together. Aditi remembers Gagan. Gagan is also missing her. Samar comes to him and tells him that he should fight for his rights. He adds that he is going to fight for his right so he should also do the same. Here Aarav and Simar seek the blessings of Gajendra.

They also go to Geetanjali but Geetanjali does not bless Simar. She gets disappointed. Here Roma tells Indu and Avinash that she is pregnant. They become very happy. Roma thinks that she should tell Simar and Reema also about this. She makes a video call to Reema and tells her that she is about to become a maasi. Roma asks where is Simar. Reema says that she is busy now so she will get her to talk to Simar later.

Divesh further gives Reema his photo and says that he is standing outside her house and if she doesn’t give him money then he will not leave her. Reema tells this to Simar. Simar says that they should take Vivaan’s help. Chitra sees Divesh and asks him what he is doing here. He says that he has come to get his money. Here Simar tells Vivaan that Divesh has come to their house.

Chitra asks Divesh if he is threatening her. He says yes. Vivaan sees Divesh and goes after him. Aarav asks Simar what happened. Why is she so upset? Simar tells him everything. Aarav says that he knows where Divesh will be. Reema tells Simar that Vivaan has gone after Divesh so they should also go after Vivaan. Here Vivaan and Aarav come to Divesh’s studio. Divesh gets nervous seeing them.”

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