Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2022 Written Update: Laboni becomes outrageous on Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Aarav asking Simar about some confusion related to Simar in a yellow dress and romancing together outside. Everyone feels that Aarav and Simar need some space, to talk alone, so they all leave. Simar asks Aarav whom have he seen outside? But Aarav keeps saying that he had seen Simar, and he gets confused who was outside in that yellow dress. Laboni gets angry and she breaks Simar dressing table mirror outrageously.

Simar enters her bedroom and finds Jhumri there. Jhumri says that she had not left the room ones and not even she had tried the dresses. Simar gets more confused about the woman in yellow dress. Simar asks Jhumri to come and help her making food for the guests and the leaves the room.In the downstairs, Aarav says Badima that Roy Choudharies were insisting to talk to her, so he had to invite them home. Badima says,” let them come, we will see rests”. Three men enter the Oswal’s in very classy attires with so much attitude. Aarav welcomes them and asks them to sit.

One of them was in a black coat and looks like an advocate and other two were Nilambar and Dipankar Roy Choudhari. Badima asks them the reason for coming. They starts saying that none have ever said no to them, and she is the only women who had said no to them once.They proposed that they want to start a business of patha. They asks Badima to sold her business to them. Badima and everyone get very shocked and angry and asks them to think first, before talking. Simar looks irritated with the whole argument. and as she tries to say somethinf the two Roychudhari brothers put a very brutal eye on Simar. Gitanjali devi says that, yes she had once said no to their gutka business proposal. Laboni recognizes Rou Choudharies as the culprit of crime against her. She recongnises Arindam’s brother Nilambar and Dipankar. Dipankar Chouduri  asks Badima to finalize the deal in return of a very big amount of money. Dipankar starts behaving mannerlessly . Aarav asks him to behave properly first or leave the house. Badima says the same and tear up the official paper. Dipankar spat out on the floor and says that she taking a wrong decision. Aarav and Vivaan gets angry for Dipankar’s misbehavior. Simar asks Aarav to calm down.  But a arguments starts there between Aarav and the younger Roychudhari. Nilambar puts a gun on Aarav’s head. Giriraj and Gajendra try to control the whole situation and

Simar tries to tackle the situation emotionally and asks them to leave the business. But they denies to step back. Badima also asks them to leave. So the Roy Chaudharu bothers stand up to leave. Nilambar, puts a seductive eye on Simar, shows pointed gun towards the Oswal’s and leaves the house. Aarav gets very angry. Laboni gets very afraid of the whole situation.

Badima looks very tired to the entire situation. Her sons tries to calm her down. Badima gets emotional and starts saying about her struggle days. How she had started her buisness alone and noone was there to support her. But now she had four hands to help her, Aarav, Vivaan , Gajendra and Giriraj. But then Giriraj says that Roy Choudharies are willing put the name of  their new shop of New Maa Durga Petha. Badima get upset again.

Episode ends with Simar and Aarav proposing Roy Choudhary brothers to change the name from, New Maa Durga Petha. They agrees to do so, in return they want Simar for a whole night. They puts a very brutal eye on her again and then again a very heated arguments starts between Aarav and them.

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