Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2022 Written Update: Reyansh becomes angry


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Panditji examining Simar’s handline and warning Simar that in near future she is going to face a lots of problem. Simar says that Lord krishna will help her out. Panditji asks Simar to call everyone for the puja. Badima asks Sandhya to start the puja with Aditi. Simar explains that main objective of this puja is to pray for health of Aditi’s baby. Ishita comes to Badima and says that she could have been a part of this puja, only if her babies were alive. Badima clams her down by saying that God will bless her with a baby again. Simar adds that on Janmashtami Lord Krishna fulfills everyone’s dream. Simar and Reema start dancing on Janmasthami. Gagan, Vivaan and Araav join them too. Everyone looks very happy.But Ishita shows Badima that she is not feeling well. So Badima grabs her back and asks her to perticipate with others.

Then suddenly Riyansh outrageously broke the “Dahi ka Matki” (a pot filled with card milk). Everone looks shocked with his behaviour. Badima asks him, why he did that? Riyansh explains that he is not happy with all these dancing and fun of Simar. Because he and Ishita have just lost their babies. Thay cann’t take part in all these. Specially he angry with Simar very much.He hates her. Chitra supports him by saying that Badima is also allowing Simar. Ishita adds that Simar is knowingly dancing around her to hurt her. Chitra asks Ishita to stop crying because noone is going to value her tears.

Araav warns Simar from her back not to loose temper. Because they are doing all these drama to play with Badima’s emotion , but she must focus on her goal to expose them. Simar whole hearted prays to Lord Krishna to help her in aap upholding the truth. Badima hugs Ishita and tries in possible way to clam her down. But Ishita keeps pointing at Simar. When Sandhya tries to support Simar, Chitra asks her to stop supporting Simar blindly. She shouts that Simar have intentionally killed the babies. Araav supports Simar. Ishita asks Badima to throw Simar out of the house for killing her babies. Ishita keeps her drama on and keeps provoking Badima against Simar.

Simar tries to say something but Badima stops her. Badima says Simar how much she trusts her. But she also adds that her mind is not ready to accept the accident, she can’t believe that she had just lost the first upcoming member of her fourth generation. So, she will stay with the truth and asks Simar to leave the house. But Simar do not let her complete the sentence , she asks Badima permission to say something. She asks for only five minutes. She says to Badima that she haven’t lost her upcoming generation.

Ishita and Riyansh looks nervous. Chitra tries to stop Simar but she denies. She says that Oswal’s is also her home she will not leave it. Simar than asks someone to comedown stairs. Kavya then suddenly appears on the upstairs. Ishita looks outrageous. Kavya slowly comes down. Badima looks confused and asks why Simar is doing all these. Simar says that their expecting baby is safe with Kavya. Simar explains that Kavya is pregenant with Riyansh’s baby.

Episode ends with Simar’s declaration of Kavya’s pregnancy. Everyone looks thunderstruck. Riyansh looks out of his mind.

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