Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2022 Written Update: Sandhya yells at Gagan


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Raj tells Chitra that they should leave. Chitra says that they don’t need to run away as the game is still on and they can still finish Gajendra’s game. Raj agrees with her point. Chitra says that but she has to do something for Simar because if she stays around Gajendra, they will not let their plans succeed. Here Simar asks everyone to drink tea.

She says that Gajendra’s condition is fine now so they should drink tea. Just then Chitra comes there and says that Simar should end this drama now. Because she knows that she has trapped Gajendra. She adds that Simar had taken Geetanjali to Gagan and then it was she who had called Gajendra to the temple. Simar tries to explain her point to her but Sandhya stops her.

She says Chitra is right. All this happened because of Simar. Here Raj goes to Gajendra’s room and removes his oxygen mask. Aarav asks Sandhya to calm down. He then tells Simar that it is clear that she had invited Gajendra to the temple. Simar says that it is true that she had called him there as he wanted to make everything right. She adds that this family is hers too so why would she allow anything wrong to happen to them.

Geetanjali clarifies that Simar is not a part of this family because if she was, she would have got Gagan arrested. Aarav tells Simar that he is with her but for now she must leave. Simar understands his point. She agrees to leave from there. But she first meets the nurse and says that it is time for Gajendra’s medicine. Nurse and Rajendra reach Gajendra’s room.

Raj notices them and pretends to be asleep on the sofa. Rajendra sees that Gajendra is finding it difficult to breathe. He helps him and asks the nurse to take care of Gajendra. Here Simar asks God to cure Gajendra as soon as possible. Rajendra goes to Simar and tells her how Gajendra was having trouble breathing as the oxygen cylinder was locked. He says that he suspects that something is wrong.

He tells her that they have to take care of Gajendra. Simar says fine. She thinks that if their family member is doing this. Simar then notices that the police has brought Gagan to the hospital. Police call Geetanjali for questioning. Geetanjali decides that today she will take Gagan’s life. Aarav tries to stop her. He says that Gajendra is already in trouble and now he cannot see her in trouble. Geetanjali understands his point.

Next, they go to Gagan. Gagan gets delighted seeing Aditi. While Sandhya angrily slaps Gagan. The police tries to control Sandhya. The inspector then asks Geetanjali to tell the whole truth. Geetanjali says that Gagan has tried to kill Gajendra. But Simar says it is not true.

Episode Ends.

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