Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th July 2022 Written Update: Chitra arranges a secret marriage


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with media telecasting of tantrums of Oswaal family. Reema comes outside and media starts hype with her. Vivan sees that Reema is going outside in the situation. Aarav is asked to give the statement of the marriage. But he says that Badima will give the official statement.

Riyansh suddenly takes a glass piece and threats that he will harm himself if this marriage would not happen. Badima, Simar, Vivaan, Chitra and Aarav forbade him to do that. But Badima understands that he is pretending to force her. Chitra smirks on his son’s intelligence. She screams on Badima and Simar as they are not supporting his love relationship.

Badima says she still does have the concern for this family that’s why she doesn’t want this relationship further. She accepted Simar and Reema as her daughter in law because they had the same traditional approach what’s she wanted. Riyansh protests and says that Badima is doing injustice to himself. Badima sand Simar compels Riyansh to cut his hand, but Riyansh fears to do so. Badima says she knows thee difference between courage and pretension. She will not melt by nothing. She will do according to her own will. Chitra yells that she doesn’t agree with her. But no one listens her.

Reema comes to the door of Rudra and apolizes for her rude behaviour. Reema tries to go away but Rudra holds her hand to offer the coffee chat. Reema enters in the house of Rudra. Media confronts Badima for the chaos of the marriage functions. Badima reveals that this marriage will not happen again. She goes away inside. Kapoor family watches the live telecast of the news. They becomes anxious about the future of Ishita. Ishita shows her furious anger and fires on Badima. In her anger, she throws the flower vase and announces that no one could stop her from this marriage.

Reema and Rudra converses with each other. Reema expresses her dream before her marriage as a model but everything for changed after her marriage. Reema overwhelmes to see the cover photo of the magazine and thanks Rudra for fulfilling her ambition. Reema tells the breaking news of the marriage, then Rudra says how much important this marriage for Reema’s career. Then Maddy calls Rudra to give them the secret news of the marriage. Reema gets awestruck and is compelled by Rudra to take the side of Kapoor family.

Chitra comes to arrange a secret function of Riyansh and Ishita. She welcomes Ishita as her favourite daughter in law. Ishita and Chitra together criticize Simar and Oswaal family. Giriraj comes to Kapoor family to discuss about the separation but he comes to know about the secrecy. Chitra and Giriraj strat argue about the issue. Chitra emphasizes that this marriage will happen by hook or crook. She fully support Ishita. Giriraj tries make her understand but Chitra is obstinate in her descision. Kapoor family also requests Giriraj not to stop this marriage. Suddenly Reema comes and no one can stop this marriage. Chitra welcomes Reema for her support. Giriraj protests and says he can’t belong with marriage.

Oswaal members call one by one to give the news of cancellation of the marriage. They feel embarrassed. Giriraj comes and gives them the news of secret marriage. Everyone gets awestruck. Notification comes in the phone of Vivaan and sees that Reema is anchoring the marriage function in the live telecast of the functions. Reema appreciates the courage of the young couples. Everyone dumbfounds. To see the video, the phone is slipped down from Simar’s hand. Badima gets puzzled. Meanwhile the final nuptial functions are almost done. Reema anchors in a hotty naughty manner. Suddenly Badima comes and yells with name of Riyansh. Everyone gets nervous.
Episode ends.

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