Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th January 2022 Written Update: Masumi has snatched all the fortune belong to Aditi


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th January 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with a awestrucking incident of Oswaal family. All the members enter into the room of Aditi, seeing Geet crying they doubt something serious. Sandhya notices that Aditi is lying being senseless. Reema rushes into the room of Masumi and shouts at her, but she can’t see Masumi anywhere. Simar comes to stop Reema and handle the situation. Simar asks Reema to search outside, but then suddenly she notices Masumi sitting behind a couch. Reema arrogantly confronts her, but Masumi says she stayed at this room during the room. Gunjan invisibly orders Masumi not to open her palm. But Reema struggles to open her palm, but Masumi doesn’t. Gajendra comes and saves her. Simar also forbids Reema to disturb her. Then they both run to the room of Aditi but there are nowhere except Aditi. Gunjan says they have changed their fortune by themselves, Gunjan kisses the palm of Masumi.

After few moments, Simar notices that Aditi’s hands are off for some reason. But Aditi still sleeps. Simar opens her hand and notices that there are no lines. They both become awestrucks. Suddenly, Simar listens someone laughing outside. They both run towards the ground hall and sees a horrific things. Masumi, in the dress of Aditi, talks with others and the others members of Oswaal pamper her by their kind and gentle words. Simar and Reema can’t understand what the hell is going on. Chitra also confounds seeing Masumi in that way. Everyone refers Masumi as the mother of Geet. Masumi when expands her hands to hold Geet, Simar notices that there are lines in the her palms. Simar understands the logic behind her threatening words and runs to the room of Aditi.

After coming to the room of Aditi, Simar observes Aditi scratches a floor with her hands. Simar when asks her some question, she doesn’t answer. Simar says that Aditi and Masumi both are living each other’s life. They can’t understand what’s going on. They can’t fathom what has happened with Aditi. Suddenly Aarav comes and informs that ambulance has arrived to take Aditi in to the psychiatric hospital. Aarav and Vivaan both emphasize to take Aditi for the treatment. Then Masumi arrives and Aarav calls as “Chhutki ” which is name of Aditi’s baby. Aarav and Vivaan both start to play with Geet. Simar and Reema devastatedly stares at Reema. Simar also adjoins that Sandhya has accepted Masumi as her daughter, and Geetanjali devi also accepted Masumi as her grand daughter. Reema and Simar think how it is possible. Simar confirms that there is something evil spirit behind all these.

Simar can’t understand why except Reema and herself has accepted Masumi as their own. But seeing Chitra’s normal behaviour, Simar confirms that as there are no blood relation with them. Then Reema asks Simar how would they save Aditi from this situation. Simar calls his own brother, Gagan, and asks Gagan come asap. Reema plans how they will stop others from taking Aditi. Here, Vivaan also arrives with team of the health care. Reema asks Vivaan to wait for 5 minutes. Simar, meanwhile, promises Badima that he himself will take care of Aditi. Then she reminds the words of that Brahmin and takes the responsibility of Aditi by herself. Badima also agrees with the words of Simar but Badima also says, if Aditi do any mistake, she will be kept in hospital.
Episode ends.

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