Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2022 Written Update: Ishita is unwelcomed in Oswal mansion


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the marriage of Riyansh and Ishita. But suddenly Badima with hey furious mood. Everyone gets surprised. Badima comes and extinguish the auspicious fire of marriage. Kapoor family becomes dumbfounds. Vivan asks Reema why is she promoting this marriage! Ishita and Riyansh angrily ask what has she done. Badima shouta i forbade you before. Ishita says it’s too much. Badima tightly slaps on Ishita’s face. Kapoor family confronts Badima. Chitra says this can’t be undone.

Riyansh shouts on Badima that she has done something injustice. Aarav says to stop Riyansh. But suddenly Ishita says now Riyansh is her husband. They are already married with each other. She shows her mangalsutra and sindur. Now she is Ishita Riyansh Oswaal. Oswaal members get confounded. Ishita reminds to Simar she completed her marriage with all traditional ritual. She proves her words and shows the hawan fire, panditji etc.

Kapoor family tells Badima that they didn’t want this marriage in a secret way, but Riyansh and Ishita take in their personal matter. It’s completely disheartening to Badima and asks to Riyansh how he can be such a imposter to her. Chitra says he didn’t cheat. He married only with the presence and permission of his mother. Badima strongly says that she won’t accept this marriage ever. Geetanjali devi says to Aarav and Simar that there will be no room for Ishita in the Oswal mansion. She will not be included as Oswal member.

Simar says to Badima but both did mistake, Riyansh is more guilty than Ishita. Badima mentioned her past affectionate towards Riyansh and how she is now disappointed with his attitude. She remorses that she was blind in love. She dejects Riyansh as her Lalla, now he is only Riyansh to her.

Chitra furiously asks why wouldn’t Ishita get entry in Oswaal family? Simar reminds Chitra that she shouldn’t talk with Badima in this way. Chitra insults Simar. Badima taunts Reema for her freedom. Vivan apolizes to Badima for Reemaa as she did something wrong. Reema seeks forgiveness with her flooded hands.

Kapoor family gets anxious about the future of Ishita, whether they should send their daughter in Oswaal family or not. Chitra confirms now Oswal mansion is Ishita’s home. Ishita also supports the statement of Chitra. Ishita says that she want to revenge of this slap.

Chitra assures Ishita that she will arrange an grand welcome ceremony.
Simar discusses with Aarav about the Badima’s condition. They go to the room of Badima. Geetanjali devi reminds the mischievousness and misbehavior of Ishita and Chitra. Aarav and Simar try to console Geetanjali devi.

Suddenly Badima is informed that Riyansh and Ishita have come in the door. Aarav tells to Badima it’s the time to take the final decision. Badima says she won’t let her entry as Ishita broke their bonding before hey entry. She ordered Simar not to give entry Ishita in her house. Simar comes in the door. Ishita forces Simar to welcome her in the traditional decorum. Simar says she can’t let her to entry.

Chitra asks Simar who is she not to give entry. When Simar prevents them to enter Riyansh gives her a push. Chitra, Vivaan Aarav start to argue with each other. Gajendra comes and says that Badima’s the decision would be final. Oswal members hold each other’s hands to prevent them.

Chitra yells at Badima that she would forcefully enter. Why there are different rules for everyone! Chitra reminds about incident of Simar and Reema. Chitra insults Giriraj for his unsupportive behaviour. Ishita protests and she will not bear no more. Ishita says Riyansh to return to Kapoor family where they would get love and respect. Riyansh, Ishita and Chitra also hold each other’s hands. Simar suddenly stops her and runs inside.
Episode ends.

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