Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th February 2023 Written Update: Aarav forgets all the love memorise of Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th February 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the drastic tension regarding Simar and Aarav. Aditi, Sandhya and Ganjendra can’t find out any to way protect the bodies of them. Suddenly they hear the forthcoming voice of Charulata. Here, Charulata and Masumi thud the door, but don’t find out where there were hidden themselves. At first they think that, they have left out their house, but then Masumi assumes that may be they are hiding themselves in the house itself.

Simar holds the hands of Aarav and tries to bring his sense. Again Tara and Simar both start their word fight. Tara burns looking
Tara boasts of herself, where Simar also
Simar compares Tara with the courage of a dog. Simar challenges Tara if she has any ability to defeat her love, then she may show it. Tara also showcases her power. Suddenly, Aarav tightly holds the throat of Simar as she is poking Tara. He threats Simar. Simar gets hurt seeing the attitude of Aarav.

Charulata gets more offended as they don’t know anything about the dead bodies.
Charulata suddenly notices all the Oswaal members are conversing with each
Reema and Vivaan gets a strong jerk from Charulata. They both lose their balance. They all are bemused to see the obstruction power of Charulata. Charulata starts to show her intimidating behaviour holding the hair of Reema. Reema shoutly announces that no one will tell anything to you. Charulata asks Masumi to bring some soil oil. Masumi leaves. Vivaan requests to spare her. But Charulata forces all to speak out the truth. Then she suddenly notices a coffin boxes of Simar and Aarav. Finding out her own thing, Charulata spreads the inflammable oil on those bodies, burns out both the bodies and relieves to see her enemy’s destruction. All the whole Oswaal family laments over this fatal incident.

Simar is tied up a dangerous forlorn place in which is she will be killed by Tara. She is put in a big jur. But Simar continuously tries to remind Aarav the memories of his past life. But Aarav looks so vaccum and blank that Simar can’t relate what would she do. The vanity of Tara more increases. Simar also helps him to recall all those seven promises in nuptial function. Simar can’t believe that Aarav could forget those pledge. When Aarav attentively hears those words, but Tara tells him that all those promises were taken by herself. He is also asked to concentrate on her. Simar starts shouting on Aarav but he doesn’t listen her. Tara legs her pull and invites Simar in the marriage ceremony of Aarav and Tara. She looks so joyful and cheerful announcing her own marriage celebration. Simar can’t tolerate the words of Tara. Tara also threts if any couple marry each other in this Mayalok,
She is locked in the jar, but Simar continues to pray matarani. When she tries to break the jar, again she vehemently prays to God, to help her out. She murmurs with the name of Ma durga.

Here, in the Oswaal family members collect their vigour when those things are burnt out. Actually Oswaal members exchanged the bodies of with two false structure of body. They leave with the real body of the two, and Charulata fails to follow them gets more offended. Here, Simar writing the name of Ma durga with her blood, breaks the soil pot. Here, Tara and other witches notice a drastic change in the environment. Tara sees that Simar appears in front of her.
Episode ends.

Precap: Simar is asked to bring the fire from the hell to kill Tara. Tara gets more offended to see the intelligency of Simar.

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