Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th July 2022 Written Update: Riyansh and Simar are finally welcomed.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar stopping Riyansh and Ishita from leaving Oswaal family. Simar comes and explains Badima how disrespectful and disturbing it would be if Riyansh would leave the home. Again this Oswaal family will be broken down. Chitra and Giriraj will lost the faith from the life. Simar continues to say that Kapoor family will make Riyansh as ghar jamai. Badima gets emotional and says that Riyansh has lost the homely connection from this family. But Badima sticks to her descision.

Again Simar makes her understand the adaptation power of a girl. She insists Badima to give them a chance, in terms of correction of thier sanskar. Simar says she wants to try to change Ishita according to traditional decorum. Simar confirms Badima that she herself will make Ishita as perfect member of this house. She persists Badima to accept them to wash away all the imperfections and misunderstanding. She seeks help from Badima.

The advent of Simar with the auspicious welcoming plate with her hands is highlighted. Reema and Simar arrange quickly for their warm reception. Sandhya asks Ishita to push the auspicious pot to put her feet, but Ishita kicks it out. Then she pretends for apolization. Finally Ishita and Riyansh take the grand entrance to Oswaal family after all the trantrums and turmoil. Reema is said to go inside by Vivan as they have some personal conversation. Aditi asks Ishita to do pranam all the elders. But Ishita disagrees to do that. She excuses herself for her tiredness. Badima disappoints with Simar’s decision and thinks badly how simar would manage this girl.

Reema explains Vivaan why did she host the marriage ceremony for her personal profit and interest. She managed to gain some popularity. Vivaan gets angry and mentions her as selfish. He also confronts Reema about the visit to Rudra. They both start to argue about the matter. Reema accepts the truth but she went for just to thank him. When Reema asks him, how did he know all these, vivaan says that it’s obvious from disturbed face. Reema gets puzzled.

Simar and Aarav arrange the marriage functions. They thank each other for their management of the crisis. Aarav becomes mesmerized for her big heart and balance of emotion. He expresses how much he loves her. Ishita suddenly comes in their private moments. Ishita thanks them for the decoration. Ishita spoils all the flower decoration. She also insult the positive wish of Simar. Ishita shows a future family picture of Oswal family, where Simar is not included. Simar is insulted and threated by Ishita. Ishita threats her that she will spoil her life, and snatches her smile.

Simar manages the situation with a smile face. Simar says that you’re doing that out of fear and tension. Ishita says that she hates her and her dynamic personality will overshadow Simar’s b grade personality. Ishita says she will brush aside the name of Simar from this family. Simar says she is totally out of her mind. Ishita, you’re not accustomed to listen. You’re just blabbering yourself. Ishita says now war is started. Now Simar threats Ishita that if she dare to harm anyone of this family, Ishita will be showed the most unconventional look of Simar.
Episode ends.

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