Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2021 Written Update: Aditi’s mehndi ritual is done


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav comes and escapes Simar from Mohit. He ask Simar to go as she have more work to do while Aarav will fix the turban for Mohit. He ties it very hard, Mohit laughs and hugs him. Ranaji ask Geetanjali Devi about Simar’s parents, then Simar tries to hide the truth and tells them that they were also invited but due to some emergency they have to go to Mathura. She then takes blessing from everyone, even Geetanjali Devi.

Roma tells to Vivek not to tell anyone that Lalit is missing. Reema then looks for Vivaan, she finds Chitra she takes her coffee from her her and drink it infront of her. Chitra worries about Devesh. Police is looking for Devesh as he is missing from many days. They searched his studio and finds blood traces, they doubts something. Shobha comes back home and tells that Aditi wedding is alos on same day and Geetanjali Devi ask her to postpone Vivek wedding. Vivek gets upset and inrage says that what problem everyone is having, Nani wants to postpone, Lalit bhaiya has left home. Roma is begging him not to say but he said to Shobha. Now Shobha is angry on Roma and worries for Lalit.

Simar informs Aarav that Mehndi function is going to start. Aarav tells to Simar that he is not interested in ladies function or whatever they talks, he is only interested in his lady. Simar tells him that he is a gentleman he cannot come inside a ladies function. Aarav says to her don’t challenge him, she says that he cannot and accepts her challenge. She gets a call and tells to Aarav that she have to go, he says in his mind to turn. They both turn together and looks at each other and smile.

Reema is getting ready, when she sees Vivaan sitting and working. She goes to him and ask him which bindi will match her outfit, he ignores her and doesn’t look at her. Reema gets annoyed and he is back working. Simar and Reema prepares mehndi for Aditi.

Simar and Reema arranges mehndi for everyone. Chitra is wearing mehndi for the wedding. Simar recalls Aarav’s words and thinks about him. Simar looks at Reema why she is worrying, she says nothing. Geetanjali Devi enters and scolds Chitra why she is wearing mehndi before the ritual. She then tells that the mehndi is nice and Shagun mehndi should first be put on the bride. She ask Sandhya to add some more tea water in the mehndi.

Aditi comes for the mehndi ritual. Geetanjali Devi puts paan leaf on her hand and then puts mehndi on her hand. She then kisses her hand and gives her blessings.

The end.

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