Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th February 2023 Written Update: Tara exchanges the ring with Aarav


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th February 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the awestruck situation pf Tara. Tara confounds to see Simar in outside. When Simar asks whether is Aarav. Tara endeavours to kill Simar, but she down. Tara declares that she and Aarav are going to marry each other. Simar is vehemently published by Tara, binding her hands. When Simar shouts at Tara to relieve her Tara says she have to watch the marriage of her own husband. Tara also showcases the two moons which refer the two souls of Tara and Aarav. After marriage, they will be united. She also threats Simar that she will be demolished after their marriage. Simar doesn’t understand where is Aarav. Here, Reema and Riyansh plan to dig the graveyard to bury the bodies. They to hurry up so that tara does not come.

Reema asks Riyansh and Vihaan to dig the soil fast so that they could bury the bodies, and Tara wouldn’t identify these exact bodies. When they leave to their own house to help Gajendra and Giriraj, Masumi comes out from a bush and she finds out the exact place. She also plans to destroy thsoe bodies. Here, Tara brings Aarav infront of Simar and declares that she is going to engage with her. Simar requests s Aarav to look at her and she can’t believe this could happen to her. Again Tara distracts Aarav with her illusional words. She also shows him the two moon. Simar starts to cry and reminds Aarav their own marriage ceremony. She also indicates about her Mangalsutra. But Aarav stares at her blindly, doesn’t understand anything. Tara fears if Simar would capture the attention of Aarav finally, she decides to snatch her voice.

Tara gifts two magical and blessed rings to Aarav, which will be the sign of their marriage. Aarav accepts those rings. Simar suffers from tremendous mental trauma. She fails to believe her own eyes. Tara and Aarav both exchanged the rings with each other. Simar forbids Aarav in minds not to wear that ring. She struggles to free herself. When finally Aarav puts the ring of the finger of Tara, then Simar can’t understand what will she do being so helpless and unfortunate. Other witches alerts Tara that she is not doing right things to Aarav. When Tara hugs Aarav in from of the eyes of Simar and she drastically collapses in sorrow. Here, Masumi is thanked by her own mother, as she finally identifed the original bodies. But after sometime she notices that there are same mark on every dead body. Charulata again starts to again dig out those grave but can’t find out anything.
Here, when Tara notices Badima hearing her voice, she holds the throat of Badima tightly by her hand, Badima feels claustrophobic.

When Aarav is asked to have some rest as after 5 hours she will going to marry Aarav. When one witch protests Tara’s behaviour as she broke the regulation of Maya lok, Tara punishes that witch and leaves. But witch frees herself and also frees Simar. Simar is asked to have some eat some leaves as she will get her voice back. Simar leaves the place as she have to save Aarav. When Simar helps that witch for her freedom , the witch also realises the big heart of Aarav. The witch tells Simar a trick to kill Tara and to burn out those mouth. She is asked to bring the fire from hell.
Episode ends.

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