Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th July 2022 Written Update: Rudra calls Reema in his hotel room


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the argument of Ishita and Simar. Ishita threatens Simar that she would harm her impression. But Simar says her that love is her weapon and tells about the pledge. Simar says Ishita that she would try to transform to Ishita, but Ishita makes fun about the statement. Ishita challenges Simar that she will get out Simar one day, Summary accepts the challenge. Simar says that this house is sasural Simar ka. I have you the entry.

Chitra and Ishita conspire with each other to defeat Simar. Chitra says how expertise Simar is to handle every trap and forbid her not to underestimate Simar. They together majhe a jodi to defeat the Geetanjali-Simar jodi. Riyansh comes to Ishita. They plan together to fun with their friends as the past few days were exhausting. Chitra comes and forbids them to do anything like outdoor party. After leaving Chitra, they discusses each other about the inconvenience of the marriage rule and decide to party secretly.

Vivan apolizes to Reema for his overreacting and misbehavior. He says that he fear to lose her. Vivan offers her a coffee and goes out. Simar thinks about something in the kitchen, Aarav comes to ask her worry. Simar says that she feels guilty about the decisions and professions of marriage. Aarav suggests to give relaxation her mind and gives time to herself. Vivaan comes. Simar leaves them for their privacy. Aarav and Vivaan consult wtih each other about the marriage relationship.

When Reema thinks that her in laws members are getting obstacles towards her dream, an inner self of Reema comes and reminds her the supportiveness of Vivan. He is not barrier of her dream, he just didn’t any extra marital relationship of her. The Inner self also reminds her indulgence towards Rudra. Reema takes a strong decision and messages Rudra to return the Lahenga and Magazine.

Vivaan consults with Aarav how would he handle the tantrums of his relationship. He supports his mental condition and suggests to spend some alone moment with Reema. Suddenly Riyansh was going somewhere. On asking of Aarav, he says that he is going to receive Ishta from her house. Aarav and Vivaan gave the advice of happy marriage life. Riyansh gets irritated.

Rudra calls Reema about her message and gets disappointed with her back stepping. Raudra insists Reema to see off him and invite her in his temporary accommodation with the returned gifts. Reema becomes confused. Vivaan comes with coffee.

Aarav gives Simar a head massage as she looks exhausting. Simar says she is the happiest wife in this world as she have Aarav as her husband. She expresses how peaceful and graceful it is to have a perfect understanding between the couple. Aarav gives ger a kiss on her forehead for the gratitude. Simar wishes that a solid understanding would be there between Riyansh and Ishita.

Ishita conspires with her friend in a pub to give a tight to Simar. Reema gets tensed about tomorrow. Vivan asks for her overthinking. In the next day Ishita pretends to do arati in front matarani to impress everyone. Simar sees the earpods in the ear of Ishita. To listen the devotional song, she acts to sing.

Suddenly that wireless earphone falls down and Badima understands her disguise. But Simar interrupts and emphasizes Ishita’s effort. But Badima defines that she will not allow pretension anymore. Ishita is asked to handover the plate of aarati to Simar. Simar completes the Aarati. Evils get jealous.
Episode ends.

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