Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th November 2021 Written Update: Reema scolds Aditi


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gajender talking with Samar on the tea stall. Samar tells so many things about Simar to Gajender and tells him how great she is to everyone, how much sacrifices she has done, she never thinks for herself. Gajender says that he know her character thats why she is his daughter, Samar is confused that if he is her father then who is Avinash, Gajender tells him that he made Simar his daughter, Samar says that this can only happen with Simar. Gajender then ask him then what’s he has decided for Simar, will he wants to marry Simar, Samar is shocked.

Reema is preparing the Rangole for Diwali she thinks that Gajender must have gone to the way which she has directed him. Aditi comes and oraises her Rangole, she tells that what an amazing decoration Reema has done for this Diwali and also compared it to Simar’s decoration for Ganesh pooja, Reema gets upset on hearing Simar’s name, she ask Aditi to stop. Then Reema handles the situation and explains to Aditi that if Badi Ma would have heard Simar’s name then it won’t be good. Reema aslo tells Aditi to stop calling Simar Bhabhi as she is no more her Bhabhi.

Aarav is sitting in his room and thinking what he should do next, he is in dilemma. He starts imagining Simar, she comes with diyas in her hand and tells him to choose the path which his heart chooses, to take the part on which he have believe and aslo to take the path where is family belongs as family is above God to him, as he is going to touch her she vanishes. Sandhya comes in his room and switch on the light. She ask him what is he doing, he tells talking to the one who solves his dilemma, he tells her its you. Sandhya takes out the dress for him. She ask him to get ready, he says her that its the perfect dress for him and this Diwali his duty is same to gather all the family members to for Pooja. Sandhya is happy to see Aaarav like this. Aarav yells her that his family matters to him more then anything.

Gajender tells to Samar that Simar has got a divorcee tag which society has given her, Samar says that its not about tag its about hiw you handles it and she has handled it very strongly. Gajender says that she us a combination of sorrow and music, Samar says that he too is the same and when these combines its the sweetest melody we get, Gajender says that Simar voice is also very sweet, Samar accepts it. Gajender then says to him that he didn’t answered his question, whether he will marry Simar or not, then he goves his card to Samar and ask him to inform him what he decides.

All of them gathers down for the pooja, Aarav also participates, everyone is happy to find Aarav in the pooja. As the pooja finishes Geetanjali Devi passes the Aarti bit she hears the clapping sound, then they see that Aarav didn’t stopped clapping he is still lost. Geetanjali Devi wakes him up and says that the Aarti is over, he sees tears in her eyes and ask her why is she crying, she tells him taht he is also crying. Aarav tells to Badi Ma that his tears never stop, then she tells him to cry as much he wants but then he will not cry. She aak him to have courage and get strength to start his new beginning. Everyone gets emotional, Vivaan comes and cheers then he ask Aaarav to go and burn the crackers. Aaarav also says that family happiness comes before everything to him and they both with Aditi goes to burn the crackers. Reema ask Gajender what had happened there, he tells her that its Diwali and the situation is not right for him to talk about Simar,Reema calls him boring.

Indu ask Avinash and Gagan to give Diwali wishes to their neighbours while she is coming. Indu grabs Simar and puts her hand on dita, which burns her hand. Meanwhile Aarav hand also burns with the crackers, he feels his heart faster. Indu ask Simar to promise her that she will never meet Aarav, whatever she has done in past she knows about it. So she wants her to promise that she will never ever meet Aarav again, Simar is quite.

The end.

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