Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2021 Written Update: Samar tells his decision to Gajender


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Indu ask Simar to promise her that she will never look at Aarav and never she will meet him again in her life. Indu puts her hand on the diya and ask her to promise, she also tells her that she knew everything she had hide from her about Aarav and also how Geetanjali Devi humiliated her and threatens her to reveal Simar’s reality to Avinash as he is a heart patient. Simar keeps quiet, Indu is very angry then she removes her hand and puts her hand infront of the diya and tells ger to promose same thing otherwise she will burn her hand on the diya. Simar request her not to do so and ask her to remove her hand. But Indu is not ready to listen to her and then she let Simar promise her that she will never see Aarav again in her life. If Aarav will come then she will go from there and never look back at him. Simar promosed her whatever she wants her to do then Indu removes her hand from the diya. Simar falls on the floor, Indu goes to her room. Simar sits and cries and gets flash back of the moment she spent with Aarav.

Then she comes to Indu room with first aid kit and checks her hand, it was burnt very badly she puts cream on it and apologies to her and tells her that she will make her proud and will obey to all her promises ahe made. Simar tells that mother is like Gid and when they are suffering its not good, so she tries to cheer her up. When Simar comes out from Indu room, she meets Samar, they looked at each other and keeps gazing. Then they goes to opposite direction. Simar picks up a card and gives it to Samar as he has fallen his card, he sees her burnt hand and asked her about it but she ask him to leave it. Samar says that sorry as he should not interfere in her life, Simar remembers that she had slapped him. Samar then comes out from his room with all his luggage and a pay cheque of two month rent. He gives the cheque to Simar and tells her that as he promised he is paying the rent and he is leaving the house right now.

Simar ask him to wait and she tells him that from childhood her mother taught them to ask for apology if they are wrong, she ask apology from Samar and tells him that she should not slap him in anger as she was so much confused and unavle to balance her life and was in so much dilemma. She also thanks him that he listened to her heart felt talks and helped her to take her decision. Samar says that he should also not interfere in others life, she then ask him to stay and he gets ready. Simar then leaves from there and he checks Gajender card.

Aarav Aditi and Vivaan are enjoying crackers in Diwali, but Aarav is still little bit lost. Vivaan and Aditi trues their best to cheer him up, then Gajender comes and tells to Aarav that he is happy to see him enjoying with the family. He tells to Aarav that he must know that he loves him most in the house. Aarav says that he knows , Gajender then tells him that if he will take some decision and that decision is against him and it will upset him then also will he love his father. Aarav says that he knows that his father cannot take any decision which is not goid fir him and all the decision whatever he has taken till now is always favorable for the family. They both hug each other. Samar calls Gajender and tells him that he has taken his decision, Reema tries to hear their conversation but couldn’t. She then sees Vivaan looking at the stars, she goes to him and ask what he us doing. He tells her that he is praying for Aarav to get back happiness in life, he tells her that Simar bhabhi must be going through the same phase. Reema starts pretending that so much she cares for Simar and how much she is worried for her and her happiness.

Reema tells to Vivaan that Aarav and Simar both needs that special person in their life, as it’s very difficult to spend life alone. Simar and Aarav both thinks about each other, Aarav cries and wishes for Simar. Simar prays to Mata Rani that whatever is right and wrong give her strength to stay with the righteous. The next morning Simar was decorating diyas and is lost, she cannot see that diya light is catching fire in the curtain.

The end.

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