Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Chitra provokes Riyansh to with the Oswal chair


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the arrival of Kapoor family. Kapoor couple insists Ishita to serve them poha first. Ishita is in a quandary, she tries to put a stop from tasting the poha, but Kapoor couple aren’t not in position to understand the indicating meaning. Chitra tries to manage the situation by saying that it’s made for Aditi only. But Simar says if there would any mistakes in the taste, their parents would forgive them definitely.

Simar serves the poha to everyone. Ishita gets nervous and throughs the dish in the air. Badima gets furious and asks for the reason of her mischievousness. She insults Ishita for her disobedience. Suddenly Mr Kapoor slaps Ishita tightly and reminds her rude behaviour in her laws family.

Reema gets irritated to the attitude of Badima towards Ishita as a daughter in law of the family. Badima asks Chitra to give up the effort to make her ideal bahu. It’s impossible to make her qualified for this family. Mr Kapoor apologizes for the sake of Ishita. Getting furious, Ishita goes inside and Riyansh runs to manage her.

Being immensely hungry, Aditi goes to take the left poha, but Simar serves her the fruit salad with chart masala. Ishita vexes herself to think the messed up plan. Riyansh gives her the ice cube but she throws it away. She is completely out of control to think her defeat. Riyansh still doesn’t know about the conspiracy. Ishita says who did invite her parents? Suddenly Simar comes and confesses that she did call them to come. She confronts Ishita what did she mix in the food which can’t be served to her parents, but Aditi can take the food.

Riyansh protests for her wife and accuses Simar for messing up the things. Simar insists Ishita to take her the food to prove what she mixes in the food but she denies. Simar says she saw in her eyes that Ishita was mixing something in the food ingredients. On the protests of Riyansh, Simar shows him the video as a prove of her acquisition.

She reveals Riyansh her previous intention to harm Aditi. Ishita tries to explain her that poha will make any wound to the baby and it was just a small trick to make chaos. She accuses Simar for blackmailing her and spoiling her image. Riyansh gets furious to hear international damage of Aditi. Riyansh rebukes Ishita for her evil attitude to a pregnant girl. Ishita yells at Simar and Riyansh for defaming her. She also pokes Simar for making the video.

Simar deletes the video in front of her. Simar forgives her to say that Ishita has a pure heart as she didn’t let food to eat her parents. Simar says oneday she will understand the exact same love and care for her in laws family. Riyansh again rebukes for her conspiracy. Riyansh and Simar go away.

Chitra brings Riyansh in the office without make him known. Riyansh astonishes to see himself in the office chair. He requests Chitra not to make his life spoil in the officery work. He doesn’t have the will to work in the office as well as he is not matured enough to tackle. Chitra gives him the imagination of holding a highest position. Chitra provokes him to take revenge and pushes him to snatch the power from the Aarav and Vivaan.

Riyansh accepts her requests and understands the value of the chair. He pledges Chitra that together Riyansh and Ishita will occupy it one day. Simar calls Indu and informs about the Aditi’s health. Simar is preparing herself for the function of Aditi of her pregnancy.

Simar and Aarav come close together again. Ishita is not eager to join the function, but Chitra insists her to join to prove herself a ideal bahu. Chitra tells how to win the heart of Badima without damaging the image of Simar. They start to conspire again.

Episode ends.

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