Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Marriage date gets final


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the finalization of Riyansh’s marriage. He says to lock the date of Shibjogyi as a final date. Everyone congratulates him. Kabya hears the announcement and she gots devastated. Badima blesses Simar with sweet. To listen all these things the tray of the tea cup falls from her hand and every utensil breaks.

Ishita rebukes her to call as duffer for spoiling the happy moment. Chitra also gets annoyed. Simar apologies for Kabya’s mistake and asks her to go to kitchen. Simar congratulates Ishita and Riyansh. Everyone prepares for the rituals or Rasam. Reema starts the Rasam and begins to bless them. Badima asks why is she doing this rasam? This should be done by Simar. Chitra says Reema is Riyansh’s real badi bhabi. Simar tries to compromise the dispute. But Badima disagrees and orders Simar to complete the Rasam. Reema gets upset. Simar completes all the rituals. Kapoor family looks satisfied. Kabya cries in the kitchen silently. Maharaj ji sees her to cry.

Then one by one completes their ashirbad ritual. Badima says Simar about her responsibility and duty for being eldest daughter in law. Riyansh thanks Simar for arranging his marriage. Simar goes to kitchen and asks Maharaj ji about Kabya. He says about her lachrymose state, also says about the she was conversing with Riyansh. Simar gets confounded.Reema and Ishita plan about the upcoming marriage function. They plan about Sangeet and dresses. Riyansh appreciates himself that he has already explained Kabya about sudden marriage. Chitra applauses Ishita’s careful attitude and Reema questions Chitra that this sugar coating behaviour will stay or not after marriage. Chitra gets angry.

Badima asks Riyansh to show the Oswaal mansion. Reema also joins them. Badima asks Aarav where is Simar. Aarav says she has gone to manage her music school. Simar goes to garden to stop Kabya. She continues to cry. Simar tries to calm her and also interrogate about the conversation between Riyansh and her. She continues to insist to tell the truth. Kabya says Riyansh told him that he couldn’t marry him as he is disappointed with his own life. Simar interrogates about her previous presence in the room of Riyansh. Kabya says Riyansh approached with a surprise and gives her a ring as a sign of engagement. Now he told her that he couldn’t marry for the pressure of the home. Simar gets confused and tensed.

Kapoor and Oswaal family starts to discuss about the future and financial plan of Ishita and Riyansh. Kapoor family again pompously shows about their economical property and says about Dahej. Chitra salivates. But Badima says we don’t follow any Dahej system. They fulfill every dreams and wishes of her. She also says that you’re giving your daughter, we need nothing more. Sandhya and Gajendra support her.
Kabya confirms about Riyansh’s love at first sight and her engagement. Simar says her to go with her in the inside.
Episode ends.

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