Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Vivaan sacrifices the bodies of Aarav and Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the uneasiness of Badima. Badima is taken to the ground by all the members. They sacrifice their body to save Badima. Badima cries vehemently as they gave the bodies of Aarav and Simar to Charulata. Vivaan breaks down in tear, he can’t bear the pain. Reema stares at the clock, as the time is flying. Then suddenly they all notice, Charulata is coming down. Reema requests Charulata not to harm those bodies. Everyone requests to her. But Charulata smirks. They all start to pray. Here, Tara forcefully marries Aarav, and they are asked move around the fire. All the witches start to dance in happiness. Here, Simar comes with the fire.

Here, Charulata and Masumi lock those bodies in a room. They are secretly seen by Badima. When Masumi asks Charulata to burn out those wait. Charulata waits for the ultimate moment, when they will smash the hope of Oswaal members. Here, Simar brings the firey ball to throw at Tara. Seeing those fiery balls, Tara gets amazed. Finally, Simar throws at other witches. They all get scattered. Simar says no will can snatch Aarav frok her. She threats Tara she will not be able marry Aarav in front of her eyes.

Badima says they can’t stay quite but they have to do something to solve the problem. She inspires everyone using Simar and Aarav’s example. That they don’t have any experience to defeat the Evils but they are doing it despite all the obstacles that too in a different world. Badima tells her family that they can’t live with this burden of Aarav and Simar’s death but they should save their bodies from the witches. Badima says they have to pass this test for Aarav and Simar. Reema consoles Badima saying they won’t let Aarav and Simar die but they will fight for them. Everyone says they will put all efforts to save Aarav and Simar. They won’t accept their defeat. They join hands together and Badima tells them an idea to defeat the witches.

Tara asks Simar angrily how she brought that fire. Simar says she already lost and her end is near. Simar adds good wins over evil always and thus she got this power to destroy Tara. Tara says noone can make her lose in this whole world. She is equal to hundred witches. Oswal family utter Jai Ma Durga and break the door. Oswals challenge Charulata and Masumi saying they won’t let them win. Simar’s strength is with them though she is in different world. Badima says evils never win and that’s the truth. Revenge doesn’t give peace to anyone in this world but it kills the person who seeks revenge. Oswals continue to chant Jai Ma Durga and they trap the witches with net. They lock her in a room and tie holy threads so that they can’t come out. Reema says at last they defeated the witches but still they don’t know the whereabouts of Simar and Aarav. Tara tells Simar that the latter can burn the Mayalok with the hell’s fire but she can’t take back Aarav to the human world. Tara forces Aarav to take the last phera with her. Simar says if he completes the phera then she will kill herself. She tries to make him recall their marriage and their love as well as the promises they made. She says he can’t marry Tara. Aarav hesitates to go ahead and Tara tells him to listen to her. Simar cautions him and he looks on.
Episode ends.

Precap – Simar throws the fire at Tara and the latter gets burnt. Simar says now she will take Aarav away from this Mayalok.

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