Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st January 2022 Written Update: Shobha gets disappointed


Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar seeks Sandhya’s blessings. Sandhya’s eyes moisten but she hides her tears. Reema comes to the kitchen and says that she has arranged the food. Sandhya ignores her and asks Simar to take out the khichdi. Reema gets sad hearing this. On the other hand, Geetanjali tells Gajendra that because Simar people are insulting her.

Just then Simar comes there. Aarav takes a sigh of relief seeing her. Vivaan leaves from there with a pot of khichdi. Aarav tells Simar that she is a perfect homemaker. And he is proud that he is her husband. Simar smiles. Here Sandhya tells Reema that she knows that she puts khichdi on high heat so that the khichdi gets burnt. She adds that if the matter had stopped on salt, she would not have told anything to Vivaan but now she will definitely tell Vivaan about her actions. Reema gets scared.

Gajendra tells Geetanjali that the food has been served and she should also eat it. Geetanjali Devi sits down at the dining table. Simar serves her food. Here Sandhya thanks Durga Maa for helping her. While Geetanjali Devi is about to taste the khichdi. Simar gets scared. Aarav consoles her. Vivaan reminds Geetanjali that she has to feed Aarav with her own hands as he is the winner of the kite flying competition.

Geetanjali is about to feed khichdi to Aarav with her own hands. Aarav’s eyes moisten. While Simar is very happy seeing this. Aarav stops Geetanjali and goes to Simar. Geetanjali gets confused. Aarav wants Geetanjali to feed Simar also with her hands but Geetanjali Devi refuses it. She says that she cannot perform the ceremony of feeding khichdi with the people outside. Aarav says that she should give some gift considering him as a servant.

Raj gives 100 rupees to Geetanjali and asks her to give it to Aarav as a reward. Geetanjali does the same. Aarav gets shocked seeing this. While Simar accepts this gift from Geetanjali. Simar tells Aarav that he should not be sad as this Rs 100 note is Geetanjali’s blessing. And according to her, this is a small victory for them. Geetanjali Devi is about to leave from there. Shobha stops her and says that she is yet to fulfil one more promise.

She reminds her that whoever gets the coin out of Ladoo will give them a pearl necklace. Geetanjali Devi stops there and asks them to eat Ladoo. Everyone sees that there is no coin in their ladoo. Shobha becomes happy as she feels that she has a coin in her ladoo. Next everyone eats khichdi and praises Simar. They all say that the food is very tasty. Later, Sandhya gives prasad to Simar. Simar is about to eat Ladoo when she notices the coin in it. Shobha gets sad seeing this.