Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Gagan doesn’t find Aditi anywhere


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arav asking Simar to wear his favourite Indian dress for the occasion . Simar impresses Arav with she beautiful words. Arav kisses Simar on her forehead. She suddenly remember something she had missed. She hurriedly leaves the room. As she is calling someone from the balcony , she saw Kavya on their main gate. She leaves to catch up Kavya.
Kavya calls Riyansh. Riyansh strictly denies to meet her but she tries to insist him. He cuts the call. Suddenly Ishita calls Riyansh from behind.

Kavya leaves. Simar tries to catch her but fails. Ishita asks Riyansh, who was on the phone call. Riyansh gets nervous. She snatches the phone from his hand and finds out,some gym trainer was calling. Riyansh somehow manage to drive her attention from the topic. He says this jealous look makes her hotter. He grab her from into his arm. Chitra comes to their room. She says, Ishita needs to focus and work on her position in Oswal’s.

In the downstair, Simar and Reema buys beautiful saree and jewelries from a salesman. Barimaa praises Simar that they are organising Aditi’s baby shower ceremony in a traditional manner.

Chitra, shows a old picture of Badima’s pregnancy to Ishita. Ishita brust into laughter on her old fashion dress and look. Chitra asks her not to lough. She advices Ishita to dress exacting like Badima to impress her.Ishita is asked to win the heart of Badima. Ishita plans something secretly which doesn’t say to Chitra. She plans a surprise plan to win the heart of Badima. Vivan gives a offer to Reema for a lead role acting. Vivaan gives the paper to Reema but she gets disappointed with its meanness. It’s a very short role in a short drama.

Reema feels insulted. She rebukes vivaan. Reema suddenly tells that only Rudra would understand her. She perceives what she did. She apolizes and Vivaan says her not to worry.Aarav, Vivaan and Riyansh arrange the function. They are not allowed to perticipate in the function. They are disappointed not to get entry in the feminine rituals. They plan something fishy.

Function starts. Oswaal members come one by one. They welcome guest. Indu is warmly greeted by Badima. Suddenly Gagan runs to say he can’t find Aditi anywhere. Suddenly Aditi calls him from upstairs which surprise is arranged by Ishita. She looks beautiful and gorgeous. To win the heart of Badima, Ishita gives her a new look.

Everyone pleases to see Aditi in her splendid look. Badima and Sandhya bless her. Chitra unboxes the talent of Ishita and praises her in front of everyone. Badima says it’s a wrong time to give the surprise to Aditi, as this function itself was a surprise for her. Ishita gets embarassed.
Episode ends.

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