Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Charulata forces Badima to dance


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

Episode starts with a horrific incidents in Oswal family. Charulata, in her frightening look, seems satisfied as she will be welcomed by the whole family. Here the b members of Oswaal family looks bleak and nervous seeing the look of Charulata. Charu expresses to Masumi how much happy she is. Chitra looks awestruckingly that, the footprint of Charulata looks ominous and in some wrongly manner which defines that she is a evil person. She wants to be celebrated by all, she wants to signify this moment and forces others to dance. The bloodless face of Badima makes others more tensed.

Charulata asks Gajendra and Giriraj also to celebrate her arrival. She forces others to dance. She holds the hand of Geetanjali devi tightly and asks her to dance. Then the three evils start dancing. Simar promises that they will dance to celebrate. Charulata wants to perform her welcoming ceremony in a snazzy and snappy dress. Charulata drags Gajendra and Giriraj to dance, Meanwhile Giriraj is threatened with her expanded spooky hands of getting killed.
Then all the family members, in spite of having the hesitation and fear, they start to entertain Charulata with dancing.

She herself circularly dance in the whole ground of the house. She announces that now she will potray something more interesting.Ahead, Charulata wants to make her empowerment more powerful. She calls her two daughters Masumi and Gunjan. Simar shouts to stop doing this but she doesn’t listen. She admires her two daughters but she tries to make them more stronger. Masumi and Gunjan come closer and Charulata some mantra to mix them up. Finally she transforms her daughters into one individual girl. The whole environment turns to more spooky and foul. This one daughter of Charulata stares at her.

Simar proceeds to Charulata to ask apology and with folded hands she expresses ernest apology to her. But Charulata forces her to knee down infront of her, Gajendra comes and knees down to her. He confesses everything that how much guilt he is. But she doesn’t listen him. She drags Giriraj and falls down him on the floor. She now is ready to punish him. Hearing her threatening, Chitra asks Vivaan to save his father. Even when Gajendra says he didn’t justice to her, Charulata shouts at him, saying that she will never spare this house, because this family members are the cause of her whole misfortune.

Charulata adjoins that she never became free from this incident. Her His insatiable soul hovers over this earth, never got any relief from this traumatic past and also never get any chance to proceed for the future life. Then she hangs over the air and also keeps shouting on others. Seeing her horrible looks, others get altered.
Episode ends.

Precap: Charulata wants her own room. Badima asks Simar for a solution and Simar promises that by hook or crook she will save this family from this evil lady.

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