Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Gajendra gets delighted seeing Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar asks Maharaj Ji not to put chilli and oil in Gajendra’s food. She says that she will taste the food before feeding Gajendra. Geetanjali comes there and tells Simar that she could have asked Maharaj Ji to cook the food. Simar says that if she serves food to Gajendra with love, he will get well soon. Geetanjali tells her not to be under the belief that she will accept her.

Simar notices Aarav there and says that now she will not have any faith. Next, Simar starts making dal. Maharaj comes there and says that this dal is Aarav’s favourite. Simar then goes to Gajendra’s room. Gajendra gets happy seeing her. He asks her what she has brought for him. Simar says that she has prepared his favourite dal for him. Gajendra starts eating food. He asks if Sandhya and Geetanjali have eaten.

Simar informs him that Geetanjali has eaten but Sandhya has not eaten yet. Sandhya comes there. Gajendra asks him why he hasn’t eaten yet. Sandhya says that she will eat after he finishes his food. Gajendra calls Aarav so that they can all have food together. Aarav comes to Gajendra and asks Simar to feed him with her hands. Simar gets shocked hearing this.

She feeds him. Simar gets emotional and leaves from there. Aarav comes after her and asks what happened. Simar says that she has come here only for her father so he should not repeat what happened inside today. Geetanjali tells Simar that they will have to do this drama till Gajendra gets well. She ask Simar how much money she would take to help Gajendra. Simar says she doesn’t need money.

She leaves from there saying this. Chitra asks Raj why is he roaming around with an injection in his pocket. Raj says that he is only looking for opportunities to kill Gajendra but as long as Simar is with him he will not be able to do it. Chitra agrees with him. Here Simar is about to go home. Aarav says that he will drop her but Simar refuses. Aarav asks her why she is arguing.

Simar says that she is not arguing but her self-respect is stopping her from going with him. Saying this Simar leaves the house. Later Simar is going towards the house when the goons come. They ask Simar where is she going. Simar asks them to stay away from her but they do not listen to her. Then Aarav comes there. Simar gets shocked seeing this. Aarav tells the goons that it would be better for them to apologize to Simar and leave.

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