Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Aarav behaves oddly with Oswaals


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a serious confliction between Simar and Tara. When Tara invokes Aarav to go with her, then Simar reminds Aarav of their marriage life. Simar throws the fiery balls to Tara, she burns in the fire. Simar says this is her actual punishment for breaking the marriage, breaking the real love between a husband and wife. Simar also reminds Tara that always true love wins. She proceeds to go back with Aarav. Meanwhile, Aarav feels weakness in his body, Simar continuously reminds Aarav to recall their relationship, Aarav stares at her blankly. Then Simar asks Aarav to stare at the mangalsutra. Seeing the mangalsutra, Aarav could recall all his memory and utters the name of Simar. Then they both hug each other in peace. Aarav throws the false magical ring to Tara who feels jealous to seeing them together. Simar becomes emotional and seems relieved to get back Aarav after many difficult days.

Getting back the sense, Aarav asks where they are standing. Simar says they don’t have many times to left, this the time to return. They hold their each other’s hands and proceed to return. Here, all the Oswaal members wait for Aarav and Simar. Thr Brahmin gets a signal from Simar and Aarav. But seeing the running clock, they become more tensed. Badima hopes for the best and they start chanting with the name of Matarani, closing their eyes. Suddenly, the Brahmin notices that the two souls are entering in the two bodies of Aarav and Simar. Others also open their eyes, and observe their bodies. In spite of getting back the soul, at first Simar and Aarav don’t open the their eyes. But then Simar and Aarav start to cough. All get back their nerve seeing them alive. All the overwhelmed members greets in them in a very joyful and kind manner. They are hugged by their near and dear ones.

Whole family becomes emotional and humbled getting back Aarav and Simar alive. Gajendra apologies to Aarav as all these happened for himself. Here, Badima Geetanjali devi wets her eyes with tears and shows how grateful she is to Simar. Meanwhile, Tara appears in the Oswaal family and unboxes her grudges to Simar and Oswaal family. Not noticing her, all the family members pray to God and hug each other. In the next morning, all the family celebrate their happiness. Reema is encouraged by Vivaan and Riyansh to dance. She starts dancing gleefully. Again, seeing these all the happiness, Badima thanks Simar from her heart. Simar stares at Aarav with some doubt.

Then all the members again start to play truth and dare. Then Vivaan comes on the floor to dance, all encourage Vivaan to dance, he also starts to dance very energetically but Aarav doesn’t feel well amidst of this chaos. When he stands up with anger, all ask why he is behaving like that. Aarav says he can’t tolerate this song. Badima supports Aarav as he has been tolerating a huge tantrums then he is requested to go his home. Aarav proceeds to his room, but Simar doesn’t seem he is alright. Badima asks Vivaan to stop the celebration. Vivaan apologies for unplanned behaviour. Simar proceeds to the room of her own.
Episode ends.

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