Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th August 2021 Written Update: Aarav takes Simar to meet Yamini Devi

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th August 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts from Simar comes to Reema’s room, she tells her about Geetanjali Devi’s decision she also tells her that she should stay away from Aarav as she 8s already married to Vivaan. Simar comes back to her room. Reema is furious on Simar. Simar remembers Geetanjali Devi threatening.

Aarav comes to Simar to take Aarti and complains to her that Aarti should come to him but here people have to come and take Aarti, she gives Aarti to him.

Aarav ask Simar to get ready as he have a surprise for her. He cleans her face with her dupatta. He ask her to get ready fast. He cares alot for Simar. Aarav brings her to a house, she hears singing sound. Simar finds Yamini Devi singing. Aarav takes Simar to Yamini Devi. Simar meets her singing idol for the first time. Simar aslo starts singing with her. They both synchronised the tune together.

When Yamini Devi finishes her singing, she opens her eyes and sees Simar sitting near her. She praises Simar and tells that her voice is onces in a million. Simar brings a gift for her and tells her it’s a guru dakshina from her side as she have learnt everything from her from her childhood. She accepts her gift and questions her who are you?

Then Simar tells her that she is the one who was late yesterday at the radio station. Yamini Devi gets angry and tells her that she wasted her time as well as music. Simar explains her that her situation was not good that’s why she was late. Yamini Devi tells her that if something is more important to her than music then stop singing. She also ask her to leave.

Jogi sees Aarav at Yamini Devi home. He brings his men to hit Aarav. As she come he finds Aarav missing. Aarav sits with Simar in car, he tries to relax her and plays his car music to cheer her up. Simar is really upset, Aarav gives her tissue. She tells the importance of music to Aarav and tells him that he cannot understand her sentiments for music. They leaves from there. Jogi comes outside in search of Aarav, he throws stick towards him but he left.

Yamini Devi questions Jogi that why did Aarav Oswal came here, he is Geetanjali Devi’s grandson. Aarav bring Simar to a park. They relax, Simar talks with him and tells him about his childhood memories. He ask her to sit and perform infront of him. She starts singing. She dreams of him. They spend quality time together, they come close to each other. He cheers for her performance.

She tells him that she made Yamini Devi angry. Yamini Devi gets angry and tells that Geetanjali Devi still not forgetten her. She tells her staff to clean her house with Ganga jal. Geetanjali Devi gives charity in name of his husband Gopi Chand. She gets flash back and remembers her olden days with her husband. She informs everyone that he is dead now but she gives charity on his name. Geetanjali Devi staff informs her that today they saw Jogi and his people infront of his house. She asks him to find the moto of these people.

Aditi tells to Simar that Aarav made list for her shopping. Aditi reveals it infront of Simar. He gives the list to Simar.Simar sees the list and tells that this list is very big for her, then he tells that she still have twenty more days. Aditi by mistake asks when Gagan is coming. Simar runs and comes to Gagan, he gives her things he bought for them. He didn’t come inside, Reema also asks him to come inside.

The end.