Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th March 2023 Written Update: The soul of Aarav is exchanged with a snake by Tara


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a amazement to Simar. When Simar prays in the temple, she is called with her name by a unknown strange man, Simar asks that man who is he, he says he is Aarav, he is Simar’s Aarav. When she is forced to remember to stare at her, she denies to that. He continues to remind all the personal memories to Simar, when she knows many secrets of Simar, she continues to tell many facts of Simar one by one, which bamboozles Simar. She keeps stare at him. He unboxes every minute details of Simar’s habit. Here, Reema opens the door to a unknown man, Chitra asks who is that person. Reema says she is the blood collector of blood tests.

Reema calls all the members to come down and gives blood to for testing. Sandhya and Badima appreciate her because carefulness. Badima shows her intimidating attitude regarding the injection. She gives her blood to the collector. Here, Aarav reaches to Tara, Aarav holds the hand of Tara and kisses her hand. Tara says he has done a wonderful job to Simar separating her from her husband. They mock at her innocence and trust about Aarav. Aarav is transformed by a venomous snake. Here, all the members gives their blood to the sample box. Then all the members are asked to go their own to to have the juice so all the members leave. Here, Reema tactfully sends the collector to bathroom, and exchanges with all the real blood samples.

Here, in the temple, that boy claims that he himself is Aarav, hearing her demands, she shouts at him. When she asks why is he pretending to be Aarav. The boy continuously claims himself as Aarav. Simar can’t bear his nagging. When she is about leave, again that boy reminds all the memories of themselves, then he holds the hand of Simar and unboxes his emotions to Simar. Simar becomes offended, and starts to shout. Then some people starts beating him. Then he shouted tells Simar to ask her Matarani locket about his own identity. Simar asks those people to stop beating him.

When Simar doesn’t understand what he is saying, that boy emphasizes that he is Aarav. There is nothing falsity in that. Simar proceeds to that man with the trident and asks him stop pretending to be Aarav. Here, Aarav is described the whole incident, how Tara has exchanged the real soul with this snake soul. They both mock at Simar’s trust. Tara conspires again how to break and spoil the happiness in Oswaal family. This venomous Aarav shows his gratitude to Tara. He describes how he has been waiting for years to be a ichhadhari nag.
Episode ends.

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