Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Update: Fashion competition gets started


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with a grand opening of the fashion show. Anchors welcome the audience and the judges. The competition is between purani soch and new approach. Anchor instigates the sensation of the environment. The competition happens in three rounds. First round- western look ramp walk. The judgement will be dependent on walk , charisma, and confidence. First round starts. Simar is ready to start and she is connected by Bluetooth wireless earphone with Reema.

Suddenly Reema is summoned by Ishita and is asked to handle Rudra’s call. Being distracted, Reema leaves Simar in distracted situation. Ishita walks in the ramp. She looks stunning and hot. Simar fails to connect with Reema and tries to connect with her. Suddenly she is asked to walk in the ramp. Reema is offered to work in 3 add film by Rudra.

Simar becomes bemused in the situation. Aarav comes to calm her down and emphasizes her to prove herself. Simar walks in nervousness. Audience wait for her. But she feels disconcerted. Oswaal members and Aarav try to encourage her to move forward. She reminds the bygone insults and promises. She gethers the confidence and walks ahead smartly. She poses attractively. Evils get jealous.

Suddenly the straps of the dress are tear off. Simar feels ashamed of the incident. Badima comes and confounds to see her in that look. She herself feels embarrassed in the mid of the ramp walk. Judges becomes confused what is happened to her.

Audience start to criticize her. Simar looks at Aarav in very pitiful way. No one can understand her situation that the zip of her dress is broken. Aarav understands her situation and he tries to get on the stage. He tries his heart and soul to enter in the stage, the stuffs don’t allow him.

Badima keeps praying to Matarani to keep for Simar. Suddenly wind starts blowing so fast that some pieces of clothes get loose from the celling of the stage by Matarani’s grace. Araav gets on the stage and holds Simar. He draps the cloths around Simar.

Everyone starts praising their great bonding and understanding. They starts clapping and gives a standing ovation to the beautiful couple. The anchor asks the judges to announce the winner of the first round. Judges declars Simar as winner. Everyone looks very happy except Ishita and her supporters. Episode end with Simar, with a tear of joy in her eyes.

Episode starts with Simar’s worry about the fashion show. Aarav tries to calm her down. He says that he trusts Simar, and no one can be better than her. Ishita and Chitra looks very happy, that they will get another superb chance to embarrass Simar. In the hall Reema trains Simar for ramp walk. Reema, Arav, Vivaan, Shandhya helps Simar to walk in high heels. After many struggle, Simar looks much confident in heel. Chitra and Ishita start conspiring with each other against Simar and Reema’s bonding. Riyansh tries to provoke Chitra and Ishita against Simar. Suddenly Simar loses her balance in heel falls down on the floor. Everyone gets concerned. They all help her to clam down.

Reema plans for Simar’s better performance. Ishita comes to Reema to brainwash her. She tries to convince her that she is wasting her time and effort on a wrong person, instead she should focus on her own career. She continues to about her past glory when she anchored  Ishita shows that Rudra had called her four time because he had a handsome opportunity for her in mumbai.

Next morning, everyone is doing prayer in front of Matarani. Badima and others wish Simar a very good luck. But Reema looks a bit disturbed. Mrs. Kapoor wishes Ishita for her performance. Suddenly, Reema comes along with Simar in the show. Reema says to Ishita that she will never leave her sister Simar alone. Simar and Reema looks confident about their bonding. Ishita leaves them in disgust. Chitra gets tensed about Ishita’s over confidence.

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