Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th April 2023 Written Update: Aarav and Simar are united by their love and trust

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th April 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aarav and Simar who are proceeding towards the temple. Seeing them together, Nazar is taken aback. She angrily enters in the temple and confronts them. Simar and Aarav showcase their togetherness, Aarav flaunts that there is no power exist which could seperate them. Nazar reminds that Simar was betrayed Aarav as he spent a night with her. Simar firmly says that nothing like that happened. But Nazar proclaims this was true.

Simar loudly accuses Nazar that she tactfully and intentionally conspire against them. Nazar also confesses that that child was the result of the blessing of Nagdebota. As she meditated to win the favour of Nagdebota, he fulfilled her wish. This child is no longer the part of Aarav. Nazar says she mixed the sleeping tablet in the icecream and trapped them. Simar says they are united by their heart. Hearing them unified, Nazar becomes outrageous and proceeds to harm them.

Meanwhile Gajendra and Giriraj come and alert her. Then one by one, Badima and other members also appear in front of them and they flaunts the power of their family. They display ostentatiously how proud they are. Simar runs to Badima and hugs. Badima rebukes both Simar and Aarav as they acted without informing them. When everyone prays to Matarani, Aarav notices their baby are abducted by Nazar and she holds the nazar in the air and threats them with it. Simar and her whole family request her to spare the baby, but Nazar says this time she will not let Simar win. Simar starts to pray Matarani for helping them with her omnipotent power.

When all the members become threatened and screwed, Aarav draws the attention with the baby of Nazar, the baby of Simar, Disha falls from the hand of Nazar, Ave and Simar catches her daughter carefully. Simar wants to punish the evil with the blessed trident and proceeds with the trident to demolish the demonic power of Nazar. Simar proudly says she will not let Nazar to do injustice with the innocent family members. Simar asks her to leave the place, but suddenly the fire catches Nazar. They try to help Nazar but suddenly she vanishes by herself. Simar ane others go to Matarani. Simar, holding the two babies asks the blessing of Matarani for both and decides to keep the baby of Nazar as she is pure and innocent. Aarav also supports her decision, even the whole family stands beside them.

Ahead, Simar also takes the pledge she will carefully bring up those girls without any partiality. She will take care both the daughters. She also disagrees with the cursed prophecy in which it was said that Simar will be killed by her own baby. Simar shares long prayer to Matarani and rest of the family members also acknowledge the devotion of Simar and blessing of Matarani. Returning in the home, all the members celebrate their happiness, they all seem very happy and contented with the two girl children. Their victory and happiness are commemorated to song and dance. Meanwhile, Simar shares her contentment for her family and wishes the good for her family along the rest of the life.
Episode ends.

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