Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th March 2023 Written Update: Suraj stands face to face Oswaal family


Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the prayer of Simar to Matarani. As Brahmin was killed, Simar fails to know the ultimate truth from him. She prays to God to make her know what happened to Aarav and Reema. She becomes obstinate that she will not anywhere until she will come to know the true fact of Simar. She recalls all the troubled incidents happened with her. Suddenly, she notices that stranger boy comes to her and stands infront of her. This new Aarav tries to comfort her and again he makes her understand that what she should do. He asks to her believe on Matarani and comforts Simar. Simar starts to believe this boy, but she can’t use her heart and head simultaneously. But whenever he uses expands his hand towards, Simar denies to accept that. He says he is ready to do everything for Simar. Simar accepts this challenge and asks that stranger to stand face to face to Aarav.

As Simar wants to know the truth who is original Aarav, Simar asks him to go with her. The stranger agrees to go with her, and accepts this proposal. As the body structure of this stranger doesn’t resemble with original Aarav, Simar can’t accept this statement. She understands the indication of Matarani. Here, everyone of the Oswal family starts to find Simar as they all start to arrange for the puja for Holi. Badima asks Aditi and Sandhya about Simar but no-one can’t tell about Simar. Badima proceeds to go nearest temple, she gets a shock from a shoe. Reema put a pin on the shoe which pokes her skin and blood comes out. When Reema wipes out the blood, Vivaan notices her doubtful behaviour.

Reema continues to squize the cloth for a drop of a blood, and getting the blood, the crystal stone lightens up. Meanwhile, Vivaan notices everything hiding himself later confronts Reema what’s going on. He also holds the crystal stone in his stone, then Vivaan is attacked by Reema furiously. Reema also puts some blood on the stone and ties up his face. She then plans to collect more blood samples from others. Aarav shows her pretentious caring for Badima, Gajendra and Giriraj also emphasize Badima. Aarav is asked to take care about the arrangement of puja. Reema is asked about her progression of work. Suddenly, Simar arrives with that stranger boy which awestrucks everyone.

The Oswaal members keeps staring at this new stranger boy. No one can understand what’s going on. Badima can’t blink het eyes seeing the boy. Finally, she asks her about his identity. Seeing the wound, new Aarav becomes anxious but controls his emotion. Simar introduces this boy as Suraj, as the manager of their event management of Holi. Suraj promises Badima he will take care everything with utmost care. Aarav becomes threatened seeing Suraj. Suraj metaphorically converses with him. Suddenly, he is about to fall, Sandhya holds him. Suraj getting the touch of Sandhya gets emotional. Suddenly, Simar notices that Vivaan is nowhere.

Episode ends.

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